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Watch Our 2018 Tony Awards Predictions Roundtable

–Tony Sunday is just days away and it is
time to make some predictions. I am joined by editors Beth Stevens Imogen Lloyd Webber and Ryan Lee Gilbert and we are going to predict who might be
walking home with some Tonys. This is a very difficult thing to do, so let’s just
start off by saying everything is always up in the air but we kind of know what’s
going on, so let’s go through some of the categories, shall we? –Yeah
–yes –Best play I
feel like there’s a clear front-runner this year
–Harry Potter, which won 9 Olivier Awards, so very strong contender I mean it raises the bar in terms of
stagecraft and bringing so many new audiences to
theatres. It’s quite wonderful.
–It’s a huge hit. and it was acclaimed across the
board people love. It’s not going anywhere and yeah they do technical
things in that show that we’ve never seen before. –Wizardry!
–Exactly, magic. –It’s also the only open show of the category.
— I think it’s a lock –I think so
–We all feel that way. –Let’s jump over to revival, so revival of a play.
I feel like Angels in America is the front-runner here just it feels like
such a epic production and it feels like an event. –It’s wonderful. Marianne Eliot’s
production is fantastic. Came from the National Theatre in London and it’s been
25 years since it’s been on Broadway. –But what about Three Tall Women? –It’s
brutally truthful, and it really takes you on a journey. So it’s up there –Right you
know and this is the first time that we’ve seen this you know Edward Albee
play on Broadway. You have Glenda Jackson giving an insane performance, which we’ll
talk about soon –Insanely good
–Yeah and Joe Mantello did something with it
that is really fascinating and special –Definitely a major competitor. Let’s just
jump right into that. Glenda Jackson, I think is a lock for lead actress –Agreed
–Okay –Yeah
–Major performance –The other three actresses are representing the only nominations of their plays and yeah we’ve at 82 years old, she’s giving a
towering performance –And she was a politician for decades, so suddenly then go back to acting and then dominate in such a way, it is extraordinary –Every
time she’s been on Broadway, she’s been nominated for a Tony this is her fifth
time, five Tony nominations. I think she’s going to take it home this year
–Oh she’s never won before? –She’s never won –First time win congratulations Glenda Jackson. Build that shelf. Let’s jump over to revivals
of musicals. Three musicals, we have Carousel My Fair Lady and Once on this
Island I think they all have their fans. It’s actually a great race –Agreed
like I know we’re a big fans of Once on this Island. That’s the show that has the
heart. Everyone goes that show they love it. They tell everyone to see it, holds a
special place, but it opened a while ago. –It’s in a very intimate theater, circle in the
square it’s very immersive and then of course
you can trust that we’re saying epic like My Fair Lady
a lovely production shall we say, but it’s I mean it’s huge. I think my fair
lady edges out Carousel
–And My Fair Lady seems to be the show, seems to be sort of
the safe bet. People know the score and Eliza Doolittle is a wonderful character
everyone knows. It has a little bit of an edge here
–Let’s talk about featured actor in a musical. The featured races are always kind of a crapshoot
because it’s hard to tell which direction they will go in –Beth do you
have a gut reaction here? –My gut for this one is Gavin Lee in Spongebob
Squarepants, but AriEl Stachel is giving a wonderful performance in The Band’s
Visit got great reviews. I think this could be one of those categories where
you just get a surprise. I mean Norbert Leo Butz is also giving a wonderful
–Two-time winner –And I have to say Grey Henson in Mean
Girls. I sat there watching Mean Girls thinking oh oh this is a Tony nomination
lock. And because this category is so wide open, that might be a little bit of
a surprise there that night –Right so featured actresses in musicals. Lindsay
Mendez rehearsal Carrie Pipperidge is a great part.
Audra McDonald won her first of many Tonys for that role. She seems to be who
most people are talking about –And she’s very much a member of the Broadway community, and you do have some icons over to Diana Rigg Renee Fleming in
Carousel, but Lindsay is just someone who has been around it was grafted has
worked really hard and I wouldn’t be surprised at the community reward her
for that. –Okay featured actors in plays Nathan
the great Nathan Lane is giving an epic performance. It could have been considered a leading performance perhaps, playing Roy Cohn. Is he the winner? –Third Tony is it for Nathan Lane? –Yeah yeah
–But then again, they can always give us a surprise right? The
Tonys like to give us some random that we didn’t expect. So
–Anthony Boyle won the Olivier so definitely a possibility there, and he was slightly no
spoilers, keep the secrets everybody he does slightly steal that show
–Yeah I was gonna say you walk out of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child talking about two
things: the magic they did on stage and Anthony Boyle’s performance. –I just want to give a shout out to David Morse, who is phenomenal in Iceman Cometh and a great actor of stage and screen. This is
his first nomination and could just be the win –Absolutely
–Okay so talking about Featured Actress in a play,
-Can I just say sorry there are so many Brits in this category I’m a little bit embarrassed Like it’s basically just Laurie Metcalf –Representing the Americans –Just sorry
–Denise Gough is Irish I just want to shout that out –Sorry, but continue –Thank you
— Apologize for that –No I think you were Denise Gough.
— I think Denise Gough who plays Harper Pitt in America
giving a stunning performance. I mean this is a tough category also –It
is because you have her co-star Susan Brown, who’s just doing so many things in
that show. And really does you know the most with all of those little roles. But
like we were saying earlier there’s a lot of love for Harry Potter and the
Cursed Child as well and –Noma Dumezweni
— Absolutely, Hermione Granger that’s uh that’s a ripe role
–We’ll see leading actor in a musical. Ethan
Slater, total newcomer he was fantastic. He really carries the
–True triple threat. He is moving all over that stage doing all kinds of things –This role in this
show has been his life for six years and you know and finally he has this moment
that he is shining on the Broadway stage I think a Tony Award would be a nice
cherry on the sundae that has been this for Ethan Slater. –I don’t want to count
out Joshua Henry for Carousel. He’s playing Billy Bigelow. This is an iconic
role mm-hmm the first time a person of color is in
this role on Broadway, and he gets to sing one of the most beloved songs in all a musical theater and he’s knocking out of the park, so don’t count him out.
–Ethan has an element of surprise and Josh Henry we’ve seen this is third
nominations fantastic actor. We knew he could be a great Billy Bigelow Ethan
Slater just sort of has the element of surprise which might push him over the
edge a little bit. Best book of a musical. Let’s talk
about some of the the Writing Awards for four musicals. Tina Fey? –Yeah Tina Fey
–Is this the chance to really give Mean Girls.
–It’s a way to honor the show –Sure
— To honor her and her comedy and just translating that great movie to the
stage and making it work. –It’s a sharp script but it’s also moving and I think that might surprise people when they go and they leave. There really is a message
there. –And it also feels like Tina Fey is one
of those people that you want to reach like an EGOT at some point and so let’s
get let’s get her Tony in there –And then best score this also just seems like a lock for David Yazbeck.
— I think so, I took dad, Andrew Lloyd Webber, everyone, to see Band’s Visit. It was sort of third preview, so that was a bit unfair. Dad sat
there enraptured. I heard Bravo’s coming out of his mouth. That never happens,
everybody! And then he led the standing ovation. What David Yazbek is doing
musically is on another level and I’m afraid I think it would be a disgrace if
he didn’t win Best Score sorry just laying it out –We never hear music like this on Broadway This is a Middle Eastern music for the most part, and yet it works as musical
theater as well, and it’s funny and it’s touching.
— And David Yazbek needs a Tony –Yes! He deserves it! –Director of a play
–Oh, I mean we as we’ve been saying Marianne Elliot. She’s
won two Tony Awards already. She has once again done something incredible with
Angels in America. I think it’s hers to lose, but she has some contenders –I disagree!
–I disagree! –John TIffany raised the bar in terms of I’m what he has done is unbelievable –I don’t
disagree that Maryanne Elliot deserves her accolades, but I think John
Tiffany might nab it just because of the design elements that he pulled
together, and the magic sure and just the whole world of Harry Potter from the
minute you walk in the theatre –And he helped write it as well he has
lots of ownership over there –His DNA is in that show –Absolutely
— Maryanne has lots of Tonys –Now for musical directors it’s a very creative batch here. I think Tina
Landau what she did with Spongebob Squarepants wildly imaginative but then
you also have what Michael Arden did with Once on this Island at Bart Sher is sort of a
favorite every year David Cromer, I mean for Band’s Visit this is tough! –This is impossible. I can’t
even begin to tell you. –I feel like it’s between Tina Landau and David Cromer. I think
honoring Tina Landau and Spongebob because I I’m gonna give you a little
spoiler I don’t think SpongeBob’s gonna win Best Musical and this could be a way
to honor that show, but I also think what David Cromer did with Band’s Visit
is really special.
— And like we were saying with John Tiffany Tina Landau’s
DNA is in Sponge Bob as well. She helped conceive this whole thing, you know? She
didn’t just show up and direct it. It’s it’s partly her creation and I think
yeah I think she has a great shot, but David Cromer you know did something
really special
–A strong Category –So for choreography, I don’t feel
like there’s a clear front-runner. I mean it just impact might have the edge
because Carousel is so ballet heavy and it’s definitely a real dance show
–I mean yes and also that New York City Ballet link that he has. In saying that, just a
shout out here that we have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a play is in the
Best Choreography category. And that really speaks to how exquisite and
groundbreaking Harry Potter is, I think. But Christopher Gattelli
pulled out two nominations, –COuld that split the vote you think? — I think that’s something that
can happen yeah absolutely but great work in both –Leading actress in a
musical. This is another tough one. I think I’m going with Katrina Lenk for
The Band’s Visit. Feels like it’s it’s been a performance of the year that
came out in the fall and I feel like she’s really sort of the heart
of the show. –There’s six names in this category, so it’s a big old category. They’re obviously having an argument about this at the nominating committee, but Katrina is
just sublime. –No it definitely feels like Katrina Lenk has been the it
girl of this Broadway season, but Lauren Ambrose seems to have impressed
everybody that sees that show –Because we’ve never seen her in a musical
–Exactly. –Leading actor in a play.
–There’s something called Tony bait, Oscar Bait, Tony bait. That would be Andrew Garfield in Angels
in America. Lock, no? –I think yes
— I think it stunning performance.
–Stunning it’s a demanding show, and he’s really giving his all.
–Okay finally Best Musical. This is kind of the
big one at least for me –Right yeah –Just for you
— Beth you don’t think it’s gonna be Spongebob.
–I don’t I’m sorry to say that earlier. I think it’s a wonderful
show. I think The Band’s Visit will win. It won a bunch of awards last
year when it was off-Broadway, and so it’s it hasn’t been in this award season
as much because it was eligible last year. I mean I love this show you guys know that –Yeah I think Band’s Visit has a slight edge
— It is the prestige favorite of the season
for sure –Definitely okay well we did it –We made
it through. I hope that your favorites win on Tony night, and be sure to check for all the best Tony coverage.

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