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We Met With Tyler The Medium • Ladylike

(muffled speech)
(spooky music) – Sorry, guys, this is a lot of energy. It’s like, I look like I’m chronically having to sneeze but it’s not it. It’s like, I can sound
completely nuts if I– – What the fuck?
(laughing) – This season we’re
tackling our bucket list and I’m back at it with
another witchy exploration. It’s the Lady Like show and
I’m gonna take the girls to see a medium. (upbeat music) I saw the Try Guys video
where they got to speak with Tyler, the medium, and I thought it was really interesting and I got jealous. – Yeah, I mean, we wanna try. – Yeah. Ned came to tears.
(laughing) Why this, why now? Because why not? You know, when else in
my life am I gonna have an opportunity to express and to explore all these like, fringe,
spiritual traditions with my friends? So full disclosure, I’ve already
seen a medium once before. I got to connect with my grandfather which was very intimate, as if he was in the room. So I wanna see if we can kind of recreate that experience with the Lady Like girls. So I’m gonna be behind the camera, kind of acting as emotional support and directing this episode, while the other girls are gonna have the experience of seeing a
medium for the first time ever. Let’s do it, let’s
cross to the other side. We know a little bit about our family but it’s not like we go into depth so I just wanted to kind of hear from you, what do you think? – I have a bigger problem with mediums than psychics, actually. – I think I might fight Tyler Henry. – Why?
– I won’t. If they’re real, incredible. If they’re not real, you’re like, the most evil person on earth. I think that because
you’re taking advantage of grieving people, you’re taking advantage
of people’s sadness. – I bet you all these people think that they’re doing a real job. – I 100% agree with that. I think that a lot of these
people genuinely believe that what they’re doing is real. – I actually never
thought about it that way. – To be honest, I think
it’s more of a stretch than psychics. I don’t know what the
afterlife is like, at all. I don’t even know if
there is an afterlife. Where as I know that there’s
going to be a future. And also, I think that
every medium is different. I don’t know what Tyler
has in store for us. – Yeah, I really have no idea what to expect. I’m honestly like, kind of scared, just because I have zero
experience with mediums. But if he can talk to pets, that is something that I’m super down for. ‘Cause I miss my little
childhood Baby Girl. – I will always talk to a pet medium. If you find me a pet medium, sign me up. – Okay well– – He apparently is, he can do pets, too, right. – I have no idea. – What do you think, Fred? – There are a lot of people in my family who have passed away. Especially in the last few years. I never met either of my grandmothers. And I’ve always been super curious about, just, what they would
ever had to say to me. So that part I’m excited about. But I think, just in general, opening my family life up is gonna be tough. – Tyler seems nice. – Yeah, he seems very nice.
– He’s a cutie. He seems like a really
nice, giving person. – We won’t fight him. – Let’s do it! – Okay, so Tyler’s gonna
be here in an hour. – Ooh, spooky.
– Spooky. (laughing) – And so to kind of
prep ourselves for this we’re gonna watch the video that he did with The Try Guys. – I mean, it’s a good blueprint. – Yeah. – It’s a good boo print. For ghosts.
(drum roll) – I’ve never seen this video before. – I have seen it before but I’m happy to watch it again. – This is the most exciting. – Of course Zach is like the most hyped. – Yeah.
– I’m seeing a black cat. What is the business? – Yes.
– Yes? That’s literally all I’m seeing. – Yeah, I’m excited.
(laughing) – He doesn’t have a lot to say, I guess, I’m not sure. – Fine. You can’t talk to cats. Humans can’t talk to cats. So you know. – That makes sense, checks out. – Checks out, so. – Here’s the thing. Basically it’s like you just get ghosted by your dead relatives. It’s like, they can talk to people and they don’t talk to you, it’s like what the fuck? – There’s no way to prove
if what they’re saying is true or not because it’s like, well, I don’t know. I can’t talk to my dog. Can you? – So when I go to my readings, I never know who I’m reading or where I’m going. And I really appreciate
that because it makes sure that there’s no bias going into a reading and allows for specific
details to come through. – So let’s pause there. What do you guys think about that? Not having a bias, skeptical Kristen? – Look, we’re on the internet. I don’t know if you guys know this or not. But we are online and you can look us up. And it’s pretty easy. – Yeah, like, I definitely believe in like the supernatural realm. But there’s no way to
prove that that realm is speaking to this
man and speaking to me. – Yeah, and also, you’re gonna choose to speak to a man? – Come on, have you seen us? – What do you think, Fred? – I believe him. – Really?
– Yeah. – He seems like a very honest, open boy. – Yeah, he seems honest and open. Honestly I’m going into
this just with an open heart and open mind. – Tyler just seems so nice ’cause he has a kind face. You know, some people just
have resting nice face or kind face. I have bitch face. – He has a very open face. Like, open energy. – Yeah, he’s got–
– His little hair. – But something I was told about him, since like, coordinating this shoot, that he keeps himself like, a true vessel. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t eat meat, he is very strict and disciplined. He meditates a lot because
he wants to make sure that he can–
– He has a clear channel. – So it’ll be interesting. I’m gonna be nice to him, I’m not gonna hurt him. – I know you are. You’re a nice person. Should we have a code word in case you do want to like, fight him? – Oh, a code word is actually good. – Safe word should be something fun. – Something that would
never naturally come out. – Oh, okay. – So I know to like,
steer the conversation. – Safe word can be starlet. – Starlet. – I love that plan. – Hello, how are you? – Good.
– Lovely to meet you. – Good to meet you. – How’s it going, Tyler. – It’s so nice to meet you. – Well thank you guys for having me. – Thanks for coming. – Absolutely, I’m happy to be here. As I was sitting here
I was getting inundated with information so I’m really excited. – Okay.
(laughing) – The way that I work is
I basically just scribble. I have a notepad as you guys can see here. And throughout the reading
you’ll just see me do this. It’s just really my way of meditating and kind of getting in the zone and starting the connect. And my job is only to
just kind of figure out what’s going on in my body, what I’m picking up on, and then delivering it in a
way that’s gonna make sense. – Okay.
– Sound good? – Yeah. – All right, so I’m just
gonna hold on to this. Now sometimes I’ll hold onto objects, which is always great. If you guys would like,
you can put them out there, like, on the table. If you don’t mind. Awesome, cool. So that just kind of helps us focus on who we’re hoping to hear from. I’ll just scribble, bring through whatever and we’ll go from there. – Do you mind sharing with the camera who you’d like to talk to? – So, I would like to be able to speak to my grandfather
on my Dad’s side. He passed away a couple of months ago. – Really as I’m connecting, I do feel like I have to
talk about some male energy. I’m just gonna hold it upside down ’cause it’s usually (whispering). It’s so funny, when I’m
connecting with you, it’s a totally different
energy and I love it. So this man’s coming through. He’s so sweet. Give me one second. He just doesn’t even
wanna make it about him, he’s like.
(laughing) The way I would describe him, he’s coming through very laid back. He’s not putting a big
deal around his passing. – He suffered from dementia for almost 10 years and it was just a very slow, slow death. Pretty much consider
him to be like, my dad. – There’s this thing where I don’t know if he wanted to make sure everyone else got seated first or fed first or what his thing was. But he was very much making sure everyone else was kind of taken care of. And he’s bringing me to Thanksgiving and putting a very heavy acknowledgement of like not needing a
physical last goodbye at the moment I die. And this is instead kind
of referring to the fact, like, I have closure, like I made peace long before I actually physically passed. But he’s bringing me not
to his moment of passing, bringing me to Thanksgiving. I’m not seeing Christmas. – He did pass like December. So–
– So before Christmas? – Yeah, but after Thanksgiving. So with my grandfather, I
basically just wanna check in to see how he’s doing. I don’t think he has any memory or recollection of what’s happened since I graduated from high school and my life in particular. And I feel like so much
has happened for me so I just wanna know like, does he see me, does he recognize and is he proud? – The dealing with this is he doesn’t acknowledge needing that last goodbye. But everyone by his side, like, in those last moments, he feels like he was able to kind of create his own closure with
people while he was still here. – You know, I don’t really
have a specific person. I don’t really feel like
I need to talk to anybody. I’m curious as to what’s out there. – And what they have to say to you? – I’d like to go shopping
for some experiences but I don’t really have no
particular items in mind. – For some reason on the way here I kept getting referenced to
(mewing) kept coming in. Would that be for you in any way? – That’s my grandfather’s name. – He’s passed away?
– Yes. – Gotcha. What they’re having me
acknowledge with this is very specific emphasis around him. It’s coming in as like, like we just keep having children and keep having children. – I think the one reservation I have is that I don’t like being
emotionally manipulated. A lot of this is just
hitting your pain points. I will 100% cry. – [Tyler] There’s a joke
there somewhere in there that’s just gonna give (muffled speech). (laughing)
– What? But it won’t necessarily
be because I believe what’s happening. It’ll be because Tyler’s really good at like, hitting those points. – This man who’s coming in, who would be your grandfather, is having me talk about at least two sons that he’s having me refer to. Now are there at least two
sons that he would have? – Yes.
– Gotcha. This is coming through as a message that’s gonna be delivered to others. But he comes in, he’s perfectly fine. He’s very much focused on everybody else. Making sure everyone’s okay, making sure the situation
is handled like this. And then they’re having me
talk about the two boys. There’s this thing here in
the way this is coming in, ’cause it’s like a family thing. To me, when they do that, that’s always their way of
acknowledging butting heads, not getting along, whatever this is. For some reason there’s a reference to a (mewing) that I keep
having to acknowledge. – Fuck.
– Does that make sense? (laughing) (mewing) Like the video game? And it’s symbolic. – Did you say (mewing)? – Yeah, I’m seeing it
like, over and over again. So is there a (mewing) in the family? – Yes.
– Gotcha. Could you see, hypothetically, other siblings of (mewing), maybe they’re not having
the closest relationship or like, him not being
super close with a brother? – Yes. – Gotcha. All I will say with this, ’cause I know it’s a pretty
personal family thing, is your grandfather’s way
of having an awareness of the family situations, of being aware of who’s getting along, who’s not, who might
be a big of a problem, and they’re just kind of
having me acknowledge this. They’re just saying we don’t have to force people to get along. I think that’s one of the great messages, I find, when they come through. It’s never like a pressure. There’s never any stress. It’s always being like, it is what it is. If certain people don’t get along, that’s okay. We just have to try to live
our lives to the fullest. – I would love to speak to my mom’s mom. I’m named after her name, it was Fredricka. And she passed away at 49 years old before I was born. Like, all my other family talks about how similar we are and I, I want answers. I just wanted to know is there anything she is saying to me? – This is so odd. I don’t really know how to tell you this. I’m just like, everyone’s
fine, it’s all good. There’s some stuff here in the way as this is coming in. When I was trying to connect to Grandma’s side of the family, I got kind of inundated
with all these other people. And there’s a situation
where someone died like, in a tragic way or like, young, like before their time. It’s like a whole thing. Very sad, it comes from
Mom’s side of the family. Look into that ’cause there’s some– – Yeah, I know exactly
what you’re talking about. It’s, my grandmother died at 49 from a surgery that went wrong. Because she died so young I’m sure there were a lot of things that she wishes she could have done or
fulfilled in her life. I kind of wanna find out what those things could have been and if I can sort of fulfill them for her. – That’s really cool.
– Fred, you’re making me cry. (laughing) I’m like, more curious on your behalf than I am on mine. – Please know that, in and of itself, is validation they’re all together. It’s more, if anything, acknowledgement of being relieved of that heaviness. So, they’re not defined
by how they passed. Oh, you guys, I love it. Thank you so much. I’m sorry, it was a lot of energy. – I don’t talk about my family much. It’s very painful for me that I’ve never experienced having a grandmother at all. So when people talk
about like family stuff, it’s just like, I just kind of like become very recluse in those conversations ’cause I just have nothing to contribute. Or no way to relate. So I think talking about it’s probably gonna make things
a little bit better. – Oh, Fred. (laughing) – You guys have great (muffled speech). You, actually both of you, you’re gonna do great things, no doubt. But you, for some reason, they’re having me talk about activism in like a whole other way. There’s gonna be an opportunity, for some reason they’re
showing me LGBT stuff, like, symbology. Just keep in mind if you get any offers or opportunities
in that direction, that looks really good. And then they’re having me acknowledge you and I’m seeing another female,
actually, working together. It’s kind of like I
can tell we’d be mixing personal life with work
and that looks good, too, but that’s gonna be
completely restructured in like a whole new way. Which is gonna be a good thing. Stick with that is the
way I would describe this, in the way that this comes through. – As long as it looks good, I’m good. – Yeah, I’m excited for you.
(laughing) I think I will go back to you, though, because that’s kind of
where I am being drawn. For you, they’re gonna
have a maternal grandma, which I feel like we’re
gonna have to talk about in some way or in some capacity. And for some reason they
were having me talk about three girls within the family. So for me that’s always
a way of referencing to either three female siblings. Connected to your family, do you know of anywhere
where there’s like, three sisters?
– Yeah, yeah, yep. – Cool, they’re very much
having me acknowledge this, this grandmother figure
that I’m highlighting, really very clearly
making her presence known. This doesn’t feel like anything
that happened prematurely. She feels like she was okay when she went, at the timing. But the feeling with this is
she’s having me acknowledge a couple different things. One, is she’s having me
talk about communication and she’s bringing me to my voice. Like, bringing me to here, bringing me to like, my ability
to articulate and speak. There’s a feeling of like not being able to get everything out in some way. Oh, interesting. And she’s having me acknowledge
there’s two passings around your grandmother’s death, there had to have been another passing within an 18 month period. – So there was some family members close to me that died. They were people that
were very close to me that I loved very dearly and just due to the circumstances, I feel like it could have gone better. – There’s basically this feeling of like, bam and then bam. Are you familiar of any passings around her passing at all? Okay, would it have kind
of fit that time frame? – Yeah. – So it’s just her way
of acknowledging like, it’s not just me, I don’t
wanna do this all about me. I wanna also bring this other person. – And so I do wish that like, things had been different for that person because I think they deserved better and I think the world was
just not very fair to them. – There’s a reference to
the three sister thing. They’re having me talk
about geographical distance. So it wouldn’t be west coast. They’re bringing me to
east coast for some reason. Like, what’s the three sister thing? (chuckling) – I’m also one of three girls. – One of three girls. They’re having me talk about technology, technology, technology. Basically the message
with this is it relates to a sister, it’s whichever one would have the closest east coast connection. They’re showing me tech
and like, a job change. Do it, do it. And they’re telling her
like, make the change. Now are any of your sisters
involved in tech in any way or? – Yeah, yeah. – Nice, this is kind of the universe’s way of saying like, take it, or consider it. – Okay.
– That’s something to kind of, deliver to her, so that’s big. – So I want Tyler to try
to contact my dog Kiki. She was my childhood dog. I think I got her when I
was in like, third grade. And she died like two years ago. You know, since I was like, older, I wasn’t like, living at home or anything. And so I didn’t get a chance to like, formally say goodbye to her. I still saw her like pretty often and she was always like my little baby. But yeah, I loved her. – When I’m going to you, what’s funny, actually,
is as I’m connecting to your energy, I have
this dog coming through. And it’s the cutest dog, like, ever. Like I can’t make this change. But like, literally. Okay, so for you, we
connect to your family. For you, I’m here to
connect with a dog for you. (laughing) And I’m sorry if you were intending to hear from anyone else but the dog is kind of taking the center focus. I don’t know how I’m gonna describe this. This dog looks like a little deer to me, is the way I would describe it. It has like a little Bambi face. It’s like a little, you know how like when
deer’s are first born and they can barely
walk and they fall over, I’m seeing the whole thing. There’s this feeling of like, I’m here and I’m gone, and they keep acknowledging
over and over again, like, connection, connection, connection. Have you lost any pets? – Yes, yes. – What I’ll do is I’ll
take it individually if you guys have any questions? – I’m really trying to think because you touched on a lot of different things. And so it’s like, oh wow. I mean, I definitely wanted to ask you about the little dog. I think you kind of already touched on it a little bit, just like, is she happy? – Absolutely. That’s the number one, honestly, like the number one energy that I really connect with. And when I do readings, it’s so funny, because a lot of (muffled
speech) come through, are lovely or even sometimes
children for people, pets come through just as strongly. – [Woman] Starlet? (sobbing) – I’ve randomly just kind of been like missing her a lot lately. I just kind of wanna see, you know, what, if there is like anything there, I think it’s because you
know, I since like got, my new little cat James, seeing how much joy that
like, he brings me and stuff, it just kind of reminds me of all the, of all the good times that
I had with my little pup. – Also it’s just like, we forget that our pets are our family. – Yeah. – When they pass they
leave just as big a mark as our family members. – What I think is so special about the connection with pets is that you never had to
speak english to your dog. You know, you never had
a verbal communication but yet there was a love there. – Yeah. – And that’s the beauty
of our relationships with our pets is that we
don’t have to talk to them or they talk to us to have
that love and that bond. And they outlive even some relationships. – I mean, how you described her, I was like, oh, that’s her. – Please know when this comes in, I don’t believe that we ever go alone. And the same can be said
when it comes to pets. I don’t believe that
they go alone, either. I believe it’s a very complicated thing. Energy is energy. I think we’re all interconnected. And when we transition
we really understand this interconnection that
exists between all things. I find that when I do readings, whether someone lost a family member or a pet or whatever, it’s still a bond. It’s a bond that’s there. It’s an energy that can be tapped into and they’re around us. And I think if there’s
any takeaway I’ve gotten from all these readings, it’s that our loved ones
want us to live our lives in a way that is honoring their legacy. And by that I mean living
our lives to the fullest. Going on the vacations that they never got the chance to go on. Doing the things they never got to do. Because they live vicariously with us and through us. Same even goes for pets. (laughing) – Wow, this is a lot. – A lot of predictions. I learned a lot more
than I thought I would. – Thank you so much. This is like, wild, yeah. – So Tyler, thank you so much for coming. – Thank you for having me. I’m happy to be here. – And hanging out with us tonight. But I think after all of our sessions and after me watching
it behind the camera, we all have like, a billion questions. And how, you know, you
do this for a living? I’m sure it takes a lot of energy. – It is, a lot of energy. – Yeah, I mean, you just
mentioned off camera that you nap a lot, which is great, ’cause we nap a lot, too. – Exactly, we nap together. (laughing) But yes, lots of naps. I mean, you guys saw it was really intense and I turn into a sweaty mess and it’s really just a really, very physical process. – What does it feel like? – Well, when I sit with a person I basically just have to be hyper aware of what’s going on in my body. I might get a physical sensation that corresponds with how someone passed. I might pick up on a sound or a voice. Or I might even get a smell. There’s been times where I’ll get someone’s perfume or smoke or a number of smells. It’s just really kind of picking up on those subtle impressions
and then finding a way to deliver them in a way that makes sense. – So when did you find out
that you had this gift? – Well, for me, it actually started when I was 10 years old. It really started in April of 2006. I was really close with my grandmother. And as an only child, she
was like, my best friend. And one night I went to
bed around one o’clock and I basically woke up
with this knowingness that my grandmother was going to die. At the time it felt like
it had already happened. And I was really confused, I was crying. I got out of bed and told my mom and as I was explaining all this to her, the phone rang. And she said hold on. And she picked up the
phone and she answered it. It was the news that my grandmother had just died. That for me, was something, you know, at 10 years old you don’t
call that a premonition, it’s just something that happens to you. But that was really the catalyst that kind of put my life on the path. – I feel like I learned a lot today, gals. – Has anyone ever told you that you could do ASMR videos? You look very–
– Yes! – Have you heard that?
– Yeah. Oh my God, that’s hilarious. – Like, leave a mic right here. We can stand and we can whisper. – No, and start clapping my nails and chewing gum. – I saw the first Try Guys video and it was like, this feels like an ASMR
video a little bit. – Hilarious. I got an Instagram comment. Someone was like I can
barely watch your show ’cause it’s like an ASMR session. Oh no, it’s like chewing gum and like, tapping my nails. – No, it’s cool. – Wait, can we do that
as our Lady Like bumper? Let’s all gather around this mic. – Meeting Tyler, the Hollywood medium. – Lady tested. – Lady approved. This is my ASMR. (whispering) – Fred is like– – Fred’s over it. (laughing)
(applauding) (upbeat music)

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