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We Put Love Compatibility Based On Astrology Elements To The Test | Star-Crossed

– Hey what’s up I am Kimberly. I do social media for a wedding website. And my sign is Libra. Supposedly, air matches
best with air and fire. Today we’re going to put
this theory to the test. I’m going on four dates one
with each element of the zodiac. I’ve been single for ooh for three, four years yeah,
little embarrassing. I just moved to New York City. I’ve been dating a little. It’s been kind of strange and weird. The type of guys I go
for tall, dark, handsome. Funny, I love funny guys. I love to laugh like 24/7. I am definitely a firm
believer in the stars. Like if someone tells me “uh I’m a Leo” my ex-boyfriend was Leo so I don’t think I could ever date them anymore. Is that bad? It’s like canceling out a
whole month’s worth of people. (Upbeat music) – Hi nice to meet you
– Nice to meet you too – I’m Kimberly – Melech – This is a very nice outfit. – Ooh thanks! – I feel Like Libras you
know we’re like chill. – You’re a Libra. – Yes.
– My best friend is a Libra. – Wait stop! – I’m a Taurus. – Okay. – You know the bull, passion, untamed, it’s a little spicy on this side. I’m sorry. It’s very spicy on this side. Yeah, very. So how old are you? – I’m 23. – 23, wow. Are you in school, working? – I just graduated. I do social media for a wedding website. – Okay. – I’m always nervous to
say that on my dates. – Why?
– Because I don’t want people to think I’m like this wedding freak. – Marriage is an amazing thing. – I know it’s good but I don’t
want it to scare people off. – But you want to get married one day? – Yeah, maybe – It’s okay so I don’t. – Yeah I guess so. You met Melech now, you know,
he wore his best shirt got these pumping out you know the left and the right you feel me, you know. What are some of like
the don’ts that you like you can’t except that in a partner? – If he’s a Leo. – Sheesh! (Melech makes gun noises) Boom! You just shot all
three Leos are gone, – Oh my god, sorry guys. – I am going to place Melech on the cusp – It was a good date
– Really funny. Just like a little forward where I was like whoa. – You know I was just me,
being me. You know, goofy. You know regular. You know making her smile, making her laugh. You know
the things all you women want. Well not all the things, I
didn’t take no money out. (pulsing music) – Royce. – Royce, I’m Kimberly nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Kimberly. And your sign is? – Libra. – Libra. – What’s your sign? – I’m a Leo. – Ooh – Um-um, I always get that face every time people find out I’m a Leo. – Sometimes I can’t control my face. (laughs) – So what do you do for a living? – I was professional basketball player – That’s cool. – And now I’m an entrepreneur so I have a fashion brand I’m
running that right now. – You have a fashion brand? – I do. – What kind of, like is it men’s fashion? – It’s ahh, it’s gender neutral – Gender neutral. That’s cool. Where’d you play basketball? Like that’s awesome. – Um I was in Dublin
last year for 10 months. – So cool. What was dating like in Dublin? – I guess I felt like I
was like special because – Oh, okay. – The people who are
in Dublin who are black they come from African descent – Gotcha. – So like every time I like open my mouth people are like where are you from as soon as I say New York people are like, “Oh wow, I want to go
there,” or “I’ve been,” just a lot of friendly people. Kimberly, how many time
have you been in love? – I’ve only been in love once. – Really? – Yes.
– Are you still in love? – No, I am definitely not. – What did that feel like? – Being in love? – Yeah. – Just like nothing or no one can get in the way of how you feel about someone. – Does that turn into hate
when you fall out of love? – I don’t hate anyone I, I will say that but a lot of anger. Yeah, a lot of anger. A lot of Beyoncé music. – Drake vibes. – Yeah. (laughing) – So, I’m gonna nix Royce – The date went well – Not just because he’s a Leo,
I really did give it a shot – I think we were vibing it was a lot of smiles and you know back and forth. – I just think are conversation
wasn’t like flowing. – We found out a little about each other about as much as we
could in the time given. – Yeah, our vibes were not there. – I would definitely go
on a second date with her. (upbeat music) – Travis, how you doing? – Travis nice to meet you. – So what kind of stuff do you like to do? – I like reading, I know that’s
like kind of super boring. – No not really. – But I like watching YouTube videos. I like going thrift shopping. – Okay. Yeah what about you? – I’m like an outdoorsy kinda guy. – Okay. – Yeah, yeah so like hiking, fishing, like scuba diving, things like that. – I used to go fishing
with my dad all the time. – Very nice, alright down in Florida? – Yes. – Alright, good stuff, awesome. – How long have you been single? – Uh about 18 months. – How long was your last relationship? – Uh like six years, yeah. – Six years! – Yeah, it was a long time – That’s a long time! – I know, I was like
engaged and everything. – You were engaged? – Yeah, totally thought
I was going to marry her. – You were going to marry her? – I sure was. – Wait, can you explain a little what happened if you don’t mind? – Yeah, I guess, I mean
I just I don’t know. I think I just gave too
much and then she just like she just wanted the
power and the control. – Oh. – She just kept taking more and more and like not giving and inch back like. – Okay so did she break your heart? – Of course, like that’s
why I’m here, yeah uh-huh yeah I mean, yeah she like
definitely did actually all kidding aside I say
it with a smile but yeah – I was heartbroken to
so it’s okay, it happens. – It does. – Gotta pick yourself up. – Yeah that’s what I’m doing. I was like hiding under a rock for the last like 10 months
yeah so actually even longer, who am I kidding. – I think Travis was so nice but uh ahhh – She was nice, she was like
fun, bubbly, like energetic. – I don’t think we’re
compatible I just don’t think we I don’t see us matching. – Ah yeah, I was attracted to
her, ah yeah she was pretty. – And I feel so bad
that he was heartbroken but I just don’t think we match. (upbeat music) – I’m Kimberly. – I’m Rod nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – How’s it going? Is this bizarre? Is this weird? – It’s a little weird
for me not going to lie. – Okay. A little nerve wracking. – Have you ever done
anything like this before? – Oh my gosh no. What do you do? – Ah so I’m like an actor and comedian. – Oh tell me a joke. – Oh God, ah. – Tell me a joke. – Ah. Um. I do improv so it’s not, I don’t – Improv something – Ah. (laughing) – Okay, ah – You’re on the subway and you see a girl you like on the subway and you want to go talk to her. – Oh great, um, what are
you what are you reading? (laughing) – What am I reading? – Yeah, sure. – I’m not reading
anything I’m on my phone. – Oh see that’s bad improv because – I have headphones in. – You immediately said no. Instead of saying no I’m on my phone, you’re supposed to say yes I’m reading Anna Karenina
or whatever it is. – So, I’m definitely putting Rod on the cusp because he was so funny. – I feel like ummm the date went fine. – Our conversation just flowed so easily. – I did tell her I was a
comedian she asked me to tell her a joke which is like the standard like last thing you want to
hear when you tell somebody that it’s kind of like if
you say you’re a doctor and they’re like can
you check out this spot on my back or something like that. (upbeat music) – I just got done with all four
of my dates I’ve placed two guys on the cusp but to be
fair we gave them a chance to eliminate themselves for
a second date with me. – I would definitely go
on a second date with her I think there’s much to learn about her. – I think I would go on
a second date with her. I’m not sure if it would
really go anywhere romantically but she seems like the kind of person that I would enjoy being friends with. – Out of Melech and Rod,
I would choose Melech. Unfortunately, our signs
just don’t get along and I’m just going to have
to trust the zodiac signs on this one and I’m not
going to go on a second date. I was supposed to get along best with the two people that I nixed which were air and fire signs. So in this case, I guess just the in-person attraction kind of overruled you know the zodiac signs. I did not find love today but I am gonna keep my faith in the zodiac
signs for my perfect guy as long as he’s not a Leo.

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