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Weekly Forecast December 23rd, 2019 | Astrology Answers

hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of astrology answers coms weekly forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday December the 23rd this is a very
important week not just because it’s Christmas but because there’s going to
be a new moon solar eclipse from late 25th on Christmas night mainly into
Thursday December 26 a solar eclipse is always a new moon but it’s a new moon on
steroids meaning that the new moon in general every month is drawing up your
attention to a new area of your life whether it’s going to draw your
attention to money to love to health to career and then each month it puts a
draws your attention to another area of your life but when it’s a solar eclipse
that energy is going to could very well impact you for up to a year but usually
if it’s triggering a sensitive point in your horoscope but now the rule of thumb
before I get started on each day with the rule of thumb for solar eclipse is
not make any life-altering decisions if you can help it the week before us the
solar eclipse – the week after because the energy is churning there’s remember
also an eclipse as a darkening of the light you’re not getting all the
information a lot of emotions are being stirred up so give it another week after
the Eclipse points this Wednesday Thursday before making any really
important life decisions now on on Monday the 23rd the moon is going to
be in expansive extroverted outgoing Sagittarius and it will be in
Sagittarius up to the middle of Christmas Day good for traveling overall
for feeling happy and optimistic but on Monday later in the day the Sagittarius
moon is going to be favorable with sociable loving Venus great day for
connecting with loved ones going to a party just feeling really good about the
coming week on Tuesday the Sun which is now in Capricorn for the past couple of
days capricorn tradition the very pragmatic they’re very responsible is
going to be in the best flow of energy to Uranus Uranus is progressive in
liberating and innovative the Capricorn can sometimes we get too into our
routine and responsibilities and duties but on Tuesday being in harmony with
Uranus we’re so much more open of thinking out-of-the-box trying new
traditions and Riaan and being more open for the possibilities of reinventing
your life as you go into the new year Wednesday the moon will be leaving that
more outgoing Sagittarius and inner Capricorn perfect for Christmas day
because it’s about tradition and a sense of duty then late in the evening on the
west coast of the United States begins the new moon solar eclipse so it’s
mainly it’s going to be unfolding through
Thursday the 26 setting the stage for this new Capricorn energy now as you
might have been listening to my other videos videos of other astrologers that
this new moon in Capricorn is going to be joining Jupiter Saturn and Pluto all
in Capricorn this is an unusual emphases on Capricorn
and it’s the Saturn Pluto you might have been hearing about will align by January
the 12th but this new moon solar eclipse the 25th to the 26th of December is now
lighting the fire you know it’s triggering all this new
energy to come together so wherever Capricorn influences your
horoscope this is going to be the beginning of a major paradigm shift now
there’s going to be a lot of stress and change because change is always
stressful but this solar eclipse is going to be within one degree of
aligning with protective outgoing protective Jupiter so there’s going to
be a lot of change but there’s going to be a lot of hope and protection now and
the seeds of that for the coming year are being planted this Wednesday
Thursday by Friday the Sun will now be exactly aligned with expanse of Jupiter
so there’s a list feeling of luck optimism and generosity also it’s a
great day to start you know traveling back home if you were with family or
going on you’re going on a holiday but certainly feeling this up this strong
that is building Saturday and Sunday the moon will be in Aquarius Aquarius is
more unconventional and quirky and extroverted coming out of that few days
of christmas’ of capricorn tradition Aquarius in astrology rules group
activities and organizations and friendships so there’s more of this
collective energy over the weekend to party with friends or get involved with
a cause adjoining an organization that can make a difference in the world on
the planet now late Saturday discerning communication mercury that has been in
Sagittarius since early December is going to be entering into practical
capricorn that is going to be very late on Saturday on the west coast of the
United States so by Sunday this discerning
decision-making mercury is now going to be in pragmatics Capricorn for several
weeks and so that’s going to be good for starting to make plans be more
goal-oriented as we’re preparing for the new year but you’re not going to start
with mercury and capricorn be also serious and I got all these
responsibilities because the moon is still going to be in more outgoing
sociable Aquarius so at least that mercury in Capricorn is going to join
the new moon and Capricorn of the solar eclipse the Jupiter Saturn
and Pluto in Capricorn so this Capricorn energy is really
intensifying this very into December and bring and coming to a culmination
we’re going into January so you may want to know how Capricorn influences your
horoscope before I sign off I want to remind you I’m available for the one
question offer for a nominal fee you can find it a direct link to order it in the
description box below the video the time of birth very important even if you’re
saying my mother thought it was around suppertime and if you could put your
birth information in the time of birth in with your question then that will
make sure I have it correct I want to thank you for tuning in I hope to see
you next week with my next segment until then happy holidays

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