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Weekly Forecast March 25th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Weekly Forecast March 25th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday March the 25th and it’s a big week of shifting
energies most of you may know that mercury decision-making communication
mercury has been retrograde and on Thursday the 28th it’s starting to move
forwards so it is so a lot of what your expectations were are shifting and
changing it’s an excellent time after mercury goes direct to clean up any
misunderstandings or to reconnect to the projects or people that you’ve got
disconnected from but social creative Venus is changing signs and Bish’s
assertive Mars is changing signs so there’s a big shift of energy this week
maybe you’re a many of you of you’re north of the Equator are really feeling
the spring fever or just getting excited about all your spring going into summer
projects but let’s start with Monday when there’s no major planetary events
but the moon which senses really triggers a kind of a an overall public
emotional response or tone it’s an expansive optimistic outgoing
adventurous Sagittarius in harmony with pioneering assertive Ares they’re both
fire signs so they’re very compatible and you could be feeling more this
exuberant optimistic energy that you sense that winter is over if you’re in
the northern and you’re getting excited about the
changes in the air as on Tuesday Venus the planet of love and marriage and
friendship but also of creativity and diplomacy is and charm is leaving more
intellectual in your head Aquarius more casual Aquarius and moving
into more sensitive sensual Pisces actually being us moving through Pisces
for this next month it’s actually moving through its best side to give its best
results whether you’re an artist an entertainer or you’re wanting to bring
more intimacy and romance back into your relationship it certainly brings in more
of a romantic tone for the next four weeks in general but on Wednesday you
could be making a connection because the Venus is going to be in harmony with
unexpected exciting Uranus now mercury is going direct
on Thursday the 28th but on the 27th on Wednesday mercury is what we call being
appearing to be stationary you look through a telescope it’s not moving
backwards it’s not moving forwards but it’s very intense but it’s not the time
yet because it’s stationary to be taking action to be moving forwards but it is
excellent for doing a lot of studying researching really a brainstorming the
possibilities in the coming weeks but not yet time to take action but you
could be reconnecting to old love old friendships that have gone
a stray but also just in general that Venus Uranus could be an excellent day
for networking going to a party socializing and maybe socializing you
reconnect to friendships that you’ve lost touch with and then on Thursday
mercury ghost begins to go direct in the sign of Pisces so it’s awakening with
Pisces a lot of compassion and empathy and this would be a good day and over
the coming week as mercury is starting from a stopped position and each day
it’s picking up speed but it’s not at its regular speed for over a week so
your mind is going to still be moving in the right direction you’re met more
you’re not as prone to making mistakes and misunderstandings but your mind
communications is more sluggish or slow so again you don’t want to be really
making powerful important decisions because your mind isn’t up to its full
alert curious attention by Saturday Mars that’s been in Taurus for the previous
six weeks goes into Gemini Taurus is more concerned about stability routine
money security that sort of thing and that’s where there might have been a lot
of push and dry but now that mercury has gone direct Mars on Saturday is going
into Gemini this is when you could be exploding with all kinds of ideas and
brainstorming and actually having the motivation and the energy to be doing
more than one plot thing like Mars and Taurus can just be plotting along to
accomplish one goal the Mars goes in Jemma
and you’re much more stimulated as I say you’re more able to walk and chew gum at
the same time so this whole week is the energy is opening up you’re feeling the
change in the air a lot of reconnecting to old ideas that you put on the Shelf
and getting and dusting them off reconnecting to friendships great for
forgiveness and getting back on track but when it comes to making any major
life decisions that can really impact your life it’s let it just sit with it
sleep on it wait until mercury picks up speed and gets a lot there’s a lot more
alert and sharp by next week but you were certainly going to be feeling an
excitement of change and progress and it might be this feeling of spring fever if
you’re north of the Equator so before I sign off I want to remind
you I’m available for the one-question offer for a nominal fee if you have a
time of birth or approximate time of birth it’s very important and when you
can get a direct link makes it easier to request for you know make your request
it will be in the script in the description box below the video and if
all and you don’t see much but you see the word more click on more and it’ll
open up and you’ll see the link if you could put your birth information
especially the time back in with your question it’ll just make sure I have all
the information correct I want to thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next
week with my next segment until then have a great week

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