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Weekly Forecast November 25th, 2019 | Astrology Answers

hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday November the 25th now this is a very
important week because on Tuesday the 26 is a new moon on of new beginnings this
new energy this new focusing of our attention the Monday is the darkest
phase of the moon from the last cycle of 28 days ago so it is a holding pattern
it could be good for reflecting introspection meditation it is not it’s
not a good day for the making important new decisions acting on major new
projects because the energy is still very weak and internalized and you don’t
want to give birth to some kind of major new energy when the overall energy is
pulling it’s still incubating and pulling you in word but on Monday
sociable Venus is moving into Capricorn for the next several weeks once a year
Capricorn is traditional and we’re going into the holidays where families are
getting together having celebrating with friends and loved ones and but there’s
going to be with that Venus a more focus on the tradition now then we get to
Tuesday and now we have this new move this new moon there’s a new moon once a
month it’s in different signs sign will indicate the overall influence
it’s going to be in Sagittarius Sagittarius is the sign of expansiveness
optimism travel or traveling of the mind as Sagittarius in astrology is the
eternal student and the eternal seeker and traveler but what is great about
this new moon that is just going to begin to unfold its energy throughout
this week is that it’s shifting its shifting us out of this struggle and
darkness where this where the Sun had been in Scorpio from the lack the last
new moon was in Scorpio as mercury went retrograde in Scorpio and Scorpio is
more the secrets more this internal struggle Scorpio is more of this endings
these dark this darkness this have the energy then we get into Sagittarius and
the energy starts to be more adventurous more optimistic more outgoing but that
also goes along with the holidays and everybody traveling and celebrating and
being much more upbeat on Wednesday Neptune is going to go direct now for
the most part this isn’t going to affect individuals unless the Neptune is
forming in a very close aspect to a planet in your chart but Neptune goes
retrograde like all the other planets every year for a number of months and so
the retrograde is just more of this holding pattern this internalizing
pattern Neptune is this more it’s compassionate empathetic idealistic
imaginative dreamy kind of
energy and that’s all the positive when it’s on retrograde all of that could
have been more sluggish more unhold so as it turns direct and right after or
right during the beginning of this new moon this neptune is trying to awaken
now it’s not going to happen on Wednesday Wednesday but Wednesday is
when the energy starts to just open up and move forwards with bringing more of
Neptune to the consciousness of mankind more compassion more inspiration more
that our dreams of Neptune could be possible and the sagittarius new moon is
also supporting the optimism Thursday now that mercury is on you know it’s up
to speed it’s after the new moon because it was retrograde remember the first
three weeks of November now communication decision-making mercury is
moving forwards being again bringing us much more clarity of mine
but on Wednesday or on Thursday it’s going to be in harmony with Neptune
which is now just starting to move forwards and very strong so
communication mercury intellectual mental mercury in harmony with Neptune
is when we with the imagination could be more inspired we could look to our
dreams mercury Neptune can be very visionary
it certainly could awaken much more intuition and an empathy for our fellow
man and also on Thursday Venus pleasure-seeking sociable
relational Venus will be in harmony with Uranus outgoing Uranus Uranus has a lot
to do with groups the collective with friends when you’re talking about it
level and having Venus is a social friendly planet in harmony with Uranus
this is a really great day for for connecting with friends or maybe even
setting up you know event social events party events you could be having them on
Thursday you could be setting it all up and it’s also when you might be falling
in love or or getting really much more connected with a new best friend and
that mercury Neptune is you’re just feeling this real intuitive connection
then we get to Friday and mercury is now going to be in harmony with pragmatics
Saturn so Thursday is the vision the dream the idealism Friday you could even
take all of those dreams and start making manifesting it into something
real so Friday is also very good for business for practical matters or just
such as doing banking applying for a loan but mercury Saturn is an emotional
level also will help your mind mercury be much more focused which is
the Saturn and then we have the weekend and there are no important planetary
events but the moon which represents the emotional tone will be in Aquarius which
is an air sign which is favorable with now the Sun and the new moon is sad a
fireside so the weekend is going to be a good weekend for socializing connecting
with friends attendings to social events networking but overall from this new
moon on Tuesday which is the sad is all this more uplift
ding energy and almost everyday it’s only positive reinforcing planetary
events so this week coming up is going to bring a lot of encouragement and
confidence to really go for your goals and dreams before I sign off I want to
remind you I’m available for the one question offer for a nominal fee you can
find a direct link to order it in the description box below the time of birth
is always important even if it’s an approximation and if you could rewrite
your birth information and the time of birth in with your question it’ll just
make sure I have all the information accurately I want to thank you for
tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next segment until then really
enjoy this week

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