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Weekly Horoscopes with Aliza Kelly ✨| January 6 – January 12 | Cosmopolitan

Saturn and Pluto have not
connected in Capricorn since literally the 1500s,
so the fact that they are connecting in your sign and you happen to be alive right now,
watching this video, learning about astrology,
is not for naught. Hey guys, I’m Aliza Kelly, and I’m one of the astrologers here at Cosmopolitan. We’re gonna go through
each of the 12 zodiac signs and find out how these crazy cosmos are actually affecting
you and what it means to be living and breathing and surviving all of this crazy (beep) right now, and this is definitely
the week that it counts. We’re talking about the astrology
of Monday, January sixth through Sunday, January
12th, and let me tell you, this (beep) is bananas. We have a lunar eclipse coming up, and then we also have
Saturn, Pluto conjunction for the first time in 38 years. Okay, so first thing’s first, let’s talk about this lunar
eclipse really quickly. This is the sixth eclipse in a
series that is gonna continue until July of this upcoming year. This is number six, there’s two left, so we can think about
how we have transformed over the course of these two years through these eclipses
that started in July 2018 and that have been continuing
to shake up our lives every time they have rolled through. So something to think about is the fact that lunar eclipses
occur during full moons, so full moon energy can be very manic, but we do not manifest, we
do not try to intention set, we don’t screw around with
the energy during an eclipse because it’s too volatile. Eclipses are really when we just need to let the universe do its thing. So just chill out, be calm,
because just two days later on Sunday, January 12th, Saturn, which is the taskmaster of the zodiac, and
Pluto, which is the very distant outer planet,
represents transformation and new birth, are meeting for
the first time in 38 years. And they’re not gonna meet
again for another 33 years. So this is the beginning of one new cycle and the end of a cycle that
started in the early eighties, which is crazy, some of you
may not have even been born. Some of your parents may
not have even been born yet. So when this changes, when these meet and a new cycle begins on
Sunday, what’s gonna happen? Well, regardless of what sign you are, you better prepare for this, ’cause this is some big (beep) happening. So now we’re gonna go
through and we’re gonna talk about how each sign this
week is going to be affected by the crazy cataclysmic energy
shifts that are happening. So obvs we’re gonna start with Aries, because duh, we always do. Right now, this lunar eclipse and the Saturn and Pluto connection are really asking you to
think about your relationship with your home and your family and on top of that, what
do you wanna let go of? What do you need to let go of in order to show up and become the
best version of yourself? You wanna win, you wanna be successful, you wanna take over the world. Maybe you have an evil plot, I don’t know, but regardless, you need to think about what your foundation is at this time, because if you have dirty
dishes taking over your bedroom, if you have not brought the glass out and you just put more and more
glasses at your bedside table how are you gonna take over the world? Your room is disgusting,
you need to clean it up. The lunar eclipse is gonna do more than just zap some
domestication into your life, but it is important to think,
am I creating the foundation that is gonna allow me to propel forward? Am I creating a foundation that is going to let me advance and excel and be the most successful
version of myself? So that’s what’s going on for you, Aries. For you, Taurus, you have
been thinking at lot about what it means to have friends, right, what your role is as a friend. Your local community has
been on your mind, and now, with these eclipses,
you’re being challenged and you’re being asked to
think, is it time to expand? Is it time to go outside of these friends? Maybe I need, maybe there
are shifts that are happening within my friend group, maybe
some people are fighting, there’s a little tension,
I’m fighting with someone. Maybe this has a purpose, right? Maybe it’s you’re outgrowing this, and it’s time to consider
what it would look like for you to go out on your own. There’s definitely going
to be a lot of tension during this eclipse, and
there’s definitely gonna be a lot of tension when
Saturn and Pluto connect, obviously, so use this to your advantage. Don’t just get frustrated,
but allow this to enable forward motion rather
than to keep you stuck. Gemini, you have to
look very very seriously about what your relationship
is with your values. I’m talking about money,
but I’m also talking about what these concepts mean to you. Do you feel worth it? Do you feel valuable? Do you feel special? Do you feel like you deserve
to step into yourself, to be your most Gemini
person, or do you feel like you have to hold back who you are? Do you feel like you’re
constantly stifling and making yourself smaller? If you do, you are probably
going to be bursting at the seams this week, because the energy is so potent and powerful, and it’s going to blast out
whatever is not working. Be prepared to question everything. Be prepared to have new
ideas, new perspectives. They might completely
warp your sense of self, but it’s okay, go with the flow. Do that Gemini thing where nothing sticks and you’re just, like, bouncing all around and you don’t care about anything. I love it, I envy it. Cancer, so Cancer, obvs this
is a very important week for you, ’cause we have
an eclipse in your sign, but you have already been feeling this transformation happen,
because this journey started all the way back in 2018. It’s gonna continue into 2020. We have two more eclipses in your sign, but this lunar eclipse is big. This is major in terms of identity. This is major in terms of self. This is major in terms of
how do you build a life around yourself that supports
not just who you are, but the types of people that you want to bring into the fold, so
relationships are gonna be under re-evaluation this week. You might be making some
serious, serious commitments, so this it the time that somebody might be popping a question, you might be popping a
question, or you might be breaking up with someone,
because you’ve had enough. So regardless of whether
this is turning out to be commitment or
closure, this week for you is going to be major in
terms of self and other. Leo, Leo, Leo, Leo. I know that you hate boring things, and recently it’s been feeling like, oh my God, is this my life? Am I defined by this
horrible exhausting commute and the drudgery of it all? But hold the phone, Leo. You are not, you know that
you are supposed to be on a red carpet somewhere, and thankfully, this lunar eclipse is going to show you what isn’t working emotionally
that might be preventing you from getting where you need to go. One of the rules of astrology
is as above, so below. Something that exists in one
realm always exists in another, so if you’re bored and you’re unhappy with the way that life is going right now, take a look inside, because
there’s probably something internally happening that
you’re not thrilled about, and if you can solve through
that, then you’re gonna watch all your routines, your schedule, your entire calendar, it’s
gonna start opening up you need to be filled with things that are actually inspiring to you. You have an opportunity
to become your own muse, so absolutely lean into it. Virgo, with this lunar eclipse and Saturn and Pluto
making this connection that they’re making,
we have an opportunity for you to make something
really important, and I’m talking manifesto
(beep) important, Declaration of Independence important, something that people
are going to look back in textbooks and be
like, a Virgo wrote that. Because this is not just
about you as an artist and you as a creator and your skills. It’s about how it also gets disseminated and how other people get affected by it. Honestly, Virgo, this could
look like you writing a really (beep) good Instagram caption, but even if it seems
small and it seems trite, don’t forget that people
are reading it, right? People are being affected by it. It could be Instagram, maybe you’re gonna upload a YouTube video. Whatever it is that really
makes a difference to you, do something that can use
your own creative skills to help motivate and get
other people excited. Okay Libra, you are the
diplomat of the zodiac. You are so selfless, oh my God. Here’s the deal. You need to make a choice. Are you going to excel? Are you going to step into
yourself, be the best version, or are you going to wait for
everyone else to catch up? Guess what, they’re not catching up. They’re not on the same train as you are. They’re behind you, and
if you wanna slow down and wait for them, fine, but
I don’t think you should. So I think you should use
this lunar eclipse energy and the Saturn and Pluto
connection to really think about how you want to show up,
how you want to advance, and what that means for you. Your friends might be getting Cs. It’s time to get an A+. It’s time to step into your Libra sense and be the best version of who you are. There’s no reason to
compromise your future just because other people can’t keep up. Okay, Scorpio, you have been basically like a magnet for information, and that started a few years ago. So that started in 2018, and that’s just continued to snowball. When you get information,
you’re storing it. You’re sort of squirreling it away, but soon, it’s gonna be time to expose all of this knowledge that you have. So these might be your secrets, they might be other people’s secrets, obvs if they’re not your secrets to share, don’t share them, don’t
get yourself in trouble. But chances are, you’ve
also been accumulating some of your own skeletons. With this lunar eclipse,
bring ’em all out. Bring ’em out of the closet. Decorate with them, do the Scorpio thing where you have skeletons and bones. Is that a Scorpio thing? I don’t know, make it spooky. Whether or not you’re
the person who’s going in and bringing out all of the secrets, they are gonna get told,
so it’s better for you to be the one to share the information than to have somebody else do it. Sagittarius, for you, this lunar eclipse and this very important
Saturn and Pluto connection is going to be triggering
the area of your chart connected to transformation, rebirth, so what does that mean? Everything, it means everything. It means that everything is changing. Everything is changing
right before your eyes. Maybe something that
you really believed in is not something that
you care about anymore. Maybe you find out that you
have a great-aunt Mildred who just died, and you
didn’t even know her, but look, now you’re a millionaire. What are you gonna do with your money? It’s not about black and white, right? It’s about change and
allowing yourself to be open to this evolution, and
I know that you like to see yourself as a free spirit. I believe that you are, I know
that you are, but prove it. Now is the time to prove
that you can be flexible and that you can be adaptable,
because when the world is changing around you,
you’re gonna need to pivot. You’re gonna need to stay limber so that you can handle all
of these big transformations and these big evolutions, metamorphoses that are occurring in your life. Okay, Capricorn, this is a big,
big, big, big week for you. In fact, if you are a Capricorn who is watching this video right now, give yourself a pat on
the back, because you, as a Capricorn, are alive
during one of the most important Capricorn events ever,
in the history of humanity, and I’m not being facetious. Saturn and Pluto have not
connected in Capricorn since literally the 1500s,
so the fact that they are connecting in your sign
and you happen to be alive right now, watching this video,
learning about astrology, is not for naught. So what are you gonna do with this? What are you gonna do with
the taskmaster of the Zodiac, the sign that is responsible
for all of the things that you need to take care
of, the way that you show up, your work, your career, your legacy, and then Pluto, which
is the planet of rebirth and metamorphosis, when these connect, oh, and there’s a lunar eclipse
during your birthday season. This is some major
stuff, and interestingly, the way that it’s going to hit you is exactly in your partnership zone, so this is going to be reflected in your romantic relationships, in your collaborations,
in your friendships, basically anything that
is important to you, any relationship that has purpose, the relationships that are
going to the next level. And it’s time to figure
out, are you ready to do it? Are you ready to take these friendships, these partnerships, these
romantic relationships to the next level, and what
does that mean for you? This is the moment that
you re-identify yourself in relation to another person. Aquarius, you, as the humanitarian, are always thinking about
things on this 30,000 foot view, high level, how is this
affecting everyone, but it’s time to now take all of that and really hone it and think
about how you are reflecting those views in your own
life every single day. So if you’re thinking,
how am I saving the world? But you’re being an
asshole to your friends, that’s not what it’s about, you know. You need to reflect the things that you care about in all areas of life. For you, Aquarius, it’s time to make sure that the things that you
are really advocating for, you’re also practicing
every day of your life. So maybe this is going to require you literally taking out your
schedule and making sure that you haven’t over-committed. Have you allocated time for self care? Have you allocated time for a bubble bath? If you’re saying that people need to focus on their mental health,
how are you doing it? So you do need to check in and make sure that you are also
practicing what you preach. Pisces, patient, lovely Pisces,
thank you for being here and feeling all the feels. This is a big week for you,
because this is the week that you are finally feeling
like you can express yourself. You have felt like you have
been biting your tongue for so long, you’ve
been holding it all in. You have all of these
ideas, whether they’re ideas that are gonna inform your school work, or an art project, or your day job, you are teeming with
inspiration right now. There is so much running
throughout your body, and it is time to tell
people what is on your mind. Don’t hold back. If you’re in a meeting, if
you’re meeting with your adviser, if you’re meeting with your boss, even if you’re meeting with your parents and you’re thinking
about the family dynamics and how you could change the systems, speak your truth, say what’s on your mind. With the lunar eclipse,
and Saturn in Pluto, we won’t have a chance like this again for a really long time,
so take advantage of this, and make sure that people know how much of an artistic, creative genius you are. Don’t waste an opportunity to flaunt it. Okay, so one of my very favorite things about this series is that
you guys can ask me questions and then I’m gonna answer them. If you ask me a bitchy question, I’ll give you a bitchy answer. Ha! Let’s see the question for this week. Khadijah Aslam writes, What is the nature of a Capricorn? Asking because I wanna
know why everyone hates us. Oh no, that’s a horrible thing to say! People don’t hate Capricorns. Do people hate Capricorns? No, that would be so cruel. Capricorn is the last
earth sign of the zodiac, so it is all about hard work, resilience, climbing up the mountain, it’s
represented by the sea goat, so it’s serious, it’s stoic,
it’s on its way to the top. In fact, the sea goat
symbolizes Capricorn’s ability to not just traverse
land and think logically and practically, but also to
dip its toes into the ocean and in astrology, the ocean
and water represents emotions. So Capricorn is twofold, right? Capricorn can scale land and Capricorn can also handle the emotional realm. So Capricorns maybe have a representation for being a little bit harsh and intense and not very forgiving, but when we actually look at the truth of Capricorn, we know that they’re really mushy-gushy. It’s just that they have somewhere to be. Good luck in this week ahead. I will see you next Sunday. Definitely subscribe so that you know when we’re coming back,
and leave your questions and comments below, and be sure to also follow me on Instagram. I talk about astrology there all day long, so if you have burning questions, maybe you will find some
answers in my very fire memes, or you could slide into my
DMs and make me feel special. (laid back synth music)

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