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What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility (Fire and Water Signs)

(“Schwingin” by Warner/Chappell
Production Music) – Good and bad. – Like probably sexually like the top. – Because they’re super
passionate and intense. – I think you would sleep with an Aries, but not date an Aries. – Because they’re probably
really experienced, and I would just be so nervous. – But I just don’t think
I could do it again. I’ve had too many Aries
heartbreaks in my life. – Like I would totally see
myself with another Aries. – Pisces need a little
bit more than most people. – I could see myself being in
like a two year relationship and then we’d part amicably. – You have to be pretty
selfless to date a Pisces. – It’s like the longest
relationship I’ve been in is with a girl that was a Pisces. – Like sexually, a Pisces
is like there for you. – I couldn’t date a Pisces. I think it’s ’cause I see
them and I like see myself and see like maybe a friendship. I just don’t see anything
sexual in other Pisces. – Like I feel like sex with a
Pisces is just very genuine. They’re in the moment. – Yes. I would date a Leo. – Thanks. – Like Leos are very loyal. – They’re so good at sex. – I’ve dated a Leo. It was really fun. – Leos are addicting. Like you fall in love with a Leo and then you’re like why am I yelling? – He was wild. – You’re like, what are
we even fighting about? I don’t know. Now we’re having sex. – That’s a Leo. – Yes, if you are looking for
a straightforward boyfriend or girlfriend who will just
be good at being a boyfriend or girlfriend, you cannot
go wrong with a Cancer. – Cancers really are like
hubby, wifey material. – Seem just like steady,
like caring confident people. – They wanna like have very romantic sex staring into your eyes. – Like staring, like
both your eyes are open during sex?
– Yeah, both your eyes – Just like really
– are open looking at – staring at each other?
– each other. And with every thrust you feel love. – I would love to date one,
except that I’d be super nervous all the time because
everybody would want them. – Sagittarius females seem
like the kind of person that I would end up with. – Givers. – They are givers.
– They are probably givers sexually, I bet. – They’ll just put
everything in perspective and you’re like the world isn’t gonna end. You’re so right. – I think that they would
like play your favorite music during lovemaking.
– Yeah. – I think Sagittarius
are very sweet people, but I do think it would
take a while to find out what they really want; I think
that would drive me crazy. – I’m gonna be practical here
and I don’t think I could date a Sagittarius because their
birthdays are too close to Christmas and that’s like
a lot of presents to buy. – Now, it’s a tough, tough
person to date, a Scorpio. – Man. – It sounds for like
an enlightening hookup, but not for like long term.
– An enlightening hookup. – I have been in
relationships with Scorpios and it always ends in just. – I haven’t had a long term
relationship with a girl that’s a scorpio, but I
will say that relationship and the times that we had. – Well, Scorpio, Scorpio
sounds like explosive in good and bad ways.
– We’re very, very great. Some of the best days of my life. – Do you wanna play with fire? Then date a Scorpio. You wrong a Scorpio
they come to your house and slash your tires. (“Schwingin” by Warner/Chappell
Production Music)

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