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WHAT. WAS. THAT? Things That Go Bump part 2!

if one knock is yes and two knocks is
know what it’s three knocks mean might mean this is a different
poltergeist Jillian do you think it’s the bad one we don’t know what you mean please stop knocking three knocks could
mean that it just wants us to answer the door
oh no I’m not opening that door come on Addie, Daddy’s in the house we’ll be all
right you’d think Daddy would hear all this
knocking and come up and see what was going on let’s go check it out
join look now instead of throwing the books it’s stacking the books I think I
liked it better whatever it was throwing the books man it’s really trying to get
our attention Jillian look how did it do that so fast I
was right here and I didn’t even see it happen I think the longer we stay in
here the more weird things are gonna keep happening I guess we could at least
get out of this room let’s do this it stopped knocking what does that mean
it means we open the door hello daddy come on hey girls
daddy you scared us oh sorry um I found that camera in the basement
took you long enough daddy the poltergeist stacked up books and flipped the couch on its side come on let me see Jillian look how we’ll just about books
and the couch flipping over it was up on its side daddy just a second ago and the
books were stacked up high on the table too I just don’t get it if only you’d
been here a little sooner with the camera daddy well I have it now so let’s
set it up there we go that should do it is that recording
already yeah we want to record right away there’s been a lot of weird things
going on yeah that’s why I set it up here if anything happens over in that
part of the room it’ll all get picked up by the camera okay so if we get
something on video you’ll believe us I’ve always believed you and you said
something weird’s happening I just want to find out what it is I don’t think
it’s poltergeists if that couch flips up on its end again it’s gonna be pretty
hard to explain well things are falling down out here maybe you guys should stay away from this area you both have your own rooms you can go to I’m gonna leave
this running and then we’ll check on it later do you think this camera thing is
gonna work Julian it’s worth a try daddy’s right we
shouldn’t stay here I don’t want to get a head on the head with a book or a
couch Addie something really weird just
happened something weird happened with my mirror I’m afraid to even look out my
window what was out there Jillian? it looked like we were on another planet or
something let me check see what I mean
nope it looks like the same old yard to me Jillian well that’s weird it wasn’t
like that a minute ago let me show you my mirror I don’t see anything my reflection
wasn’t there a minute ago Jillian I swear I believe you Addie there’s been a lot of
weird things going on around here Jillian come on should we go tell daddy
Jillian I don’t think it’s gonna do any good
hey wait let’s check the camera but the camera was out here Jillian I don’t see
how it could have picked up anything well then who did that
whoa that wasn’t here a second ago exactly let’s check the camera all just to rewind it to look at the
last minute do you see anything Jillian I’m gonna hit play hmm don’t see much of
anything here let me see wait a minute what’s that I don’t see anything look
there wait a minute yeah I do see it
what is that Jillian I don’t know Addie I don’t like the looks of that Jillian Addie
I think it’s a– no there was Jillian look no man it’s
really trying to get our attention Jillian look I think we need to answer
that door let’s do this stop knocking come on come on yeah that’s why I put it
up here this gets the whole room if any books fall off that shelf it’s gonna get
caught on that camera well you guys should be good to go so I’m gonna take
off just in case something dangerous is have you gone back to your room
it’s you’re hands centered and then you lift it straight up real fast raise your right arm Jillian Addie something weird’s going on
and I believe you Addie I can’t speak what is that in our room Jillian
what is that Jillian did you like this episode what do you think the video
camera recorded let us know your theories in the comments below if you’re
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Addie channel it’s just like hanging out with Jillian and Addie how exciting Thanks for watching, goodbye!

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