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What You’re Nostalgic For Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What You’re Nostalgic For Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hey there! How often do you think about your childhood? For me, it’s like everyday. With all the pains of being an adult, there’s
sometimes nothing better than stopping to relive an experience from your . But there’s
an aspect at play most of us haven’t considered. Did you know that your zodiac sign can have
tremendous influence on what you’re nostalgic for? Let’s talk about it. Which sign savours meals from their childhood? Who are the ones who worship school? Is there a past love you’ve been dwelling
on? We’re talking all of that and more. And by the way, to keep things interesting,
we won’t be doing the zodiac signs in order. So strap in! Taurus If you were born between April 20th and May
20th, you are said to be incredibly devoted and reliable. With that being said, you are also known to
be a little bit stubborn. If there’s a particular aspect from your
younger years that you cherish, you’re not likely to give it up. When it comes to nostalgia, a Taurus loves
food. Any snack you had on the school yard might
suffice. Perhaps your favourite flavour of dunkaroos. Lunchables are a must. Every now and then, a slice from your favourite
pizza joint hits the spot. As you grow older with each passing year,
this food reminds you of a more peaceful and simple time in your life. An effect that food is known to have. 2. Libra If you were born in the fall time, you will
likely relate to this. Admirable qualities associated with Libras
include graciousness and diplomacy, but they are sometimes overshadowed by their inability
to let go of grudges. Libras tend to look at the bigger picture. They are constantly searching for the balance
and harmony in a situation. This may be the reason why they wish to return
to a time when the world was a better place… Or at least “better” in the way they perceived
it to be. Libras love the idea of justice. It seems fitting considering a Libra’s symbol
is the justice scale. Given today’s hectic political climate,
your yearning for justice may be stronger than it has ever been. 3. Sagittarius A Sagittarius enjoys freedom beyond their
wildest dreams. They can’t wait to be set loose and have
fun. Born between November 22nd and December 21st,
Sagittarius enjoy travel and adventure. Anywhere you can meet new people and take
in a different way of life is alright in your books. The problem is, as you get older, your opportunity
to indulge in this kind of exploration is overshadowed by real-life responsibilities. They is why you become nostalgic for past
adventures. The times you shared with people you won’t
forget. These are without a doubt the best feelings
you could cherish. 4. Cancer This sign of the zodiac is highly emotional
and sympathetic. But catch them in the wrong mood, they can
be incredibly pessimistic also. A Cancer has a tendency to overthink things. This often causes those around them to slowly
move away and out of their path overtime. If you’re an emotional person, you may dwell
on these people as you mature later in life. Cancers often become nostalgic for a past
love. A person from your youth you may have crossed
or ticked off. While your pessimistic side may give you little
hope of rekindling your relationship, you like to relive your experiences with them
and think of the good old days… If they existed at all. 5. Pisces Pisces enjoy some quality alone time. This gives them space to do whatever the heck
they want. Because at the end of the day, who needs another
person breathing down your neck and telling you how to have fun? NOBODY. While Pisces are compassionate people, they
have a dark side. One that can bring along plenty of depression
as well as the desire to escape reality. This is why you become nostalgic for any and
all entertainment that brought you joy as a kid, be it music, film, or painting. You’re constantly looking for something
fun to occupy your mind. Even a special kind of food your grandmother
used to make can transport you back to that time. 6. Virgo Let’s talk about these summer/fall kids
for a minute. Virgos are known to be loyal and hardworking
individuals. Like Pisces, you enjoy a break from it all. Whether it’s through seeing a live show,
or getting out to enjoy nature. When you think back to your childhood, you
fondly recollect on a time when you were able to go out and do these things freely, without
any interference from your adult responsibilities. Those nights that you could go and see a movie
with your friends. Maybe spend the weekend at a cabin up North. That’s the time you wish to go back to. 7. Gemini These folks are known to be unbelievably smart,
dedicated and adaptable. While they can be shy and subtle at times,
Geminis love to talk with people, exchanging ideas any chance they get. They are also people-pleasers who sometimes
go out of their way to avoid confrontation. If there is one youthful memory they hold
dear, it is that of high school. This was a period when you were able to sit
for sometimes hours on end and learn in-depth information on various subjects. You were also able to indulge in conversations
about said subjects. To any teenager, this period is crucial to
their development. As a Gemini, you regard this time in a particularly
favourable light. 8. Capricorn Capricorns can often be really cynical. Cynical to the point where they become a little
bit of a downer. This is because capricorns will often caught
up in the unpleasant realities of adulthood. While they are responsible and self-reliant,
Capricorns can sometimes enter situations expecting the worst. This can easily explain why they become nostalgic
for their early childhood. A time when fun was had and innocence prevailed. If you fall under this category, you sometimes
find yourself escaping to a nearby outdoor event, such as a concert or even a movie. Anything to preserve your inner child. 9. Scorpio Remember how we talked about Cancers, and
their tendency to dwell on past mistakes? Well Scorpios share this similarity. A Scorpio is known for their passion and loyalty
towards others. But sometimes the most loving people hide
dark characteristics. Many Scorpios have a hard time concealing
their anger from the world. This causes them to sometimes act irrationally
and make mistakes. As a Scorpio will grow older, they may look
back on their transgressions with regret. This leads them to constantly overthink things
and wish they could return to that naive period in their lives and physically change it. 10. Aries Born between March 21st and April 19th, an
Aries is known as the courageous one. They are quick to take on leadership roles
and carry extra weight whenever necessary. But with that being said, a person’s bravery
can’t always shield them from the realities of older age. As much as an Aries likes to take initiative,
they also like feeling comfortable. As an Aries will enter their adult years,
they begin yearning to relive that time period when things were simple. When they didn’t necessarily need to take
on leadership roles and could just focus on being a fun-loving kid. How about those sleepovers you had with your
friends? Those bicycle rides you would take to the
park were also a source of happiness. Maybe coming home from school and watching
your favourite TV show. 11. Aquarius These are the folks that tend to be the quietest. Even if you were to ask an Aquarius what tickles
their nostalgia bone, they might be hesitant to answer. The Aquarius is known to be fairly independent. If you are one of them, congratulations. You are perhaps the most self-reliant of the
zodiac. You also fancy yourself the environmentally
aware, progressive type. Things such as the ecosystem hit a soft spot
in your heart. When looking back on simpler times, you are
likely to remember trips spent outdoors. All the times you enjoyed nature with your
loved ones. Perhaps you look back fondly on a summer camping
trip you took with your parents. Maybe a weekend spent with friends at a cabin
by the lake. Your passion for nature is similar to the
passion a Libra has for justice. You recollect on a time when your love for
this flourished. But unfortunately, you now perceive it as
a lost cause. 12. Leo We all know Leos, but nobody knows Leos quite
like a Leo themself. Leos are the life of the party, at least in
their mind. They try their best to stand out, in what
they perceive to be a world full of everyday, regular people. This is something that fuels their creativity. When it comes to reminiscing about the old
days, Leos often look back on old fashion trends, films, TV shows, music and anything
else that has that sparked their creative flare in their brains throughout the years. They are suckers for nostalgia. Old high school memories and times spent with
friends are also cherished. Do you ever get nostalgic? Let us know in the comments section below!

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