February 28, 2020 0

What’s the Future of the EMPW? Witch’s Oracle Divination

Alena Polyn is with you I’d like to make divination for the Empire’s future The Wind the Crossroad the Window Let’s make a reading The card of the Wind signifies information that will be spreading across all four sides of the Earth The third card of the Window tells that everyone will see and know the Empire! The cards have told what’s ahead for the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches And that’s very important especially for those who believe that the EMPW is a kind of a short-term organization established for someone’s possibly self-serving objectives, e.g., Alena Polyn’s ones Now my word of advice for those who’s just got acquainted with the EMPW and me Before you take a decision as for the initiation into the Empire’s Grove or the Witchcraft Egregore ask yourself whether you trust me as a Teacher Do you trust me? If you don’t trust me you have nothing to do in the Empire as you just haven’t realized yet the urgency of our actions with which we walk across the Earth in especially very urgent and ardent way in order to carry out what hasn’t been done before us What’s happening today is separation of everything All religions have great number of sects and branches, the same with egregores Slavism that came on Earth quite recently quickly sprawled out and broke up Instead of being a single massive organization it split into numerous communities Each community worships a certain deity Veles, Mara, Lada, etc. What does it mean? When we are scattered like that in different directions it doesn’t help bring up the energy but, vice versa, leads to the energy spreading out in a wrong way That’s why we need to reunite! All people who possess knowledge who wish to know, who think about the future of the Earth and their children you are welcome to join the EMPW Come to us with trust and the desire to know the truth which is not distorted by any teachings, religions or any teachers If you seek for real truth welcome to join!

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