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When One Direction predicted their future

When One Direction predicted their future

Music + INTRO CARD . Interviewer : In the film you’ve talked about life after one direction and what it might be like settling down and having kids …. H : That’s… What everyone’s said about – ….. about life after One Direction it’s just kids… Harry : Whenever it starts with we’re all just gonna like pop out like 6 kids ! Niall *sarcastically* : Yeah , we’re gonna have kids at the same time Harry : BAM ! LOL , Cute man (Louis) with a cute baby (Freddie) Cute man (LIAM PAYNE) WITH A CUTE BABY (BEAR) RJ : I’ll just give Louis a question. Louis : Thanks, man. Thanks. RJ : Actually *reads the question* Okay , *chuckles* RJ : Are you ready? Harry : Kiwis , Kiwis , Kiwis Harry styles singing the amazing Kiwi Interviewer : *indistinctly* something and then – *To Harold* What’d you say ? H : Uh… Just a dream I’ve had about train. Clip from Dunkirk’s last scene. Is it just me or does he actually have a great meme face ? Lady in animation (Bingo calling) :B-7 H : B-7 ? B-7 ! YOU SUNK MY BATTLE SHIP ! *Harry and an old lady laughing* Old man : Shhhh Be quiet ! H : Sorry, sorry, just a little bingo humor. Old man : Yeah ! VeRy LiTtlE …. Animated old lady : O 64 H : O 64 ?! *to his ‘date’ Look at this babe ! I’ve almost got a bingo !! Annoyed old man : SHHHHH ! I can’t hear her call the numbers. H :Sorry ! *whispers to his ‘date’* Sorry Hey, I’ve almost got a bingo Old lady AKA his ‘date’ :That’s wonderful. Harry ! Nick IRL : What you’re gonna go for Olive ? H : I don’t know Lady gaga… (Seriously man ?) Lady Gaga (LEGEND) : But you’re a super hero ! Don’t you want to shoot beams of energy outta your hands ?! H :Well so far in my adventurous adventures. I haven’t done anything like that ! If I start shooting energy beams all of a sudden wouldn’t that be…. I don’t know ? Weird. Okay here it goes *Tries to gather his powers 😂😂😂* *Tries harder* Lady Gaga : *Gasps* H : SHOOTS ENERGY BEAMS ! Lady Gaga : Harry you did it. Now let’s see how your aim was. Harry : Oh, yeah, did I pierce her heart? Harry : Oops I blew up her ovaries *realizes the effect he has on me all the time.* MUSIC + END CARD ! LIKE , COMMENT , SHARE , SUBSCRIBE ! HAVE A GREAT DAY / NIGHT WONDERFUL PERSON ! ANDDDDD DON’T FORGET TO TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS ! HERE ARE SOME GREAT RECOMMENDATIONS ! HOPE Y’ALL ENJOYED THIS VIDEO BY SWIFTSTYLESII BYE ! UNTIL I SEE YOU AGAIN !

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