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Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best And Worst Girlfriends?

Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best And Worst Girlfriends?

Welcome back dear Bestie viewer to the cosmic
side of the Bestie channel. We see you have some more burning questions
about your love life and are asking us to look to the cosmos and relay what answers
the zodiac holds. Before we tell all why not subscribe to Bestie
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video until the end. Here are the best and worst girlfriends based
on their zodiac signs, starting from the best: SAGITTARIUS: Congrats sagittarius, you are
the best girlfriend anyone could have. You love to make those around you feel special,
and you’re one of the most generous signs in the zodiac. Not to mention selfless. Sometimes this can leave the every loving
sagittarius neglecting their own feelings and be her own worst critic. As their partner you may have to remind them
to love themselves every now and again, but seeing how much they care about you and their
friends is truly heartwarming. Sagittarius women love hard, and we know there
will never be a dull moment with this sign when it comes to romance. PISCES: You are known as being a little shy
sometimes Pisces. When starting a relationship with this sign
the Pisces may push you away at first, but that’s only because they are so trustworthy,
gaining their trust in return is something you have to earn. Once you do though they will forever be your
biggest supporter and the definition of a keeper. Pisces are very intuitive people so they might
know how you’re feeling on any given day before you know how you’re feeling, and
will be careful to be sensitive with their actions. This also means communication will flow naturally
as the Pisces is a very peaceful sign and doesn’t resort to fighting, instead getting
to the root of the issues and solving it in a positive way. LIBRA: Libra, you are known for being very
fair, and diplomatic. You are also known as being one of the most
kind signs in the zodiac as well. You tend to be very optimistic which is contagious
and people love to be around you! You love to collaborate, are very social and
always ready for the next adventure with friends and loved ones. However, on the flip side of your bubbly nature,
when you do get hurt you feel it very deeply. When a Libra gets hurt they won’t always
be the first to open up about their feelings and tend to bottle their emotions up until
they can’t hold it in anymore which sometimes comes out as a bad temper. But this only happens every now and again,
all in all the Libra is a wonderful companion who is extremely kind, supportive and loving. CAPRICORN: Probably the most responsible,
organized and dedicated sign of the zodiac. Capricorn you tend to be a leader both in
your career and in your relationships. You give it 110% and will put in the work
to make those around you feel safe, happy and loved. However, sometimes this can come across as
slightly controlling or as perfectionism. Because of your disciplined nature capricorn
you’re sometimes hard to read as well, which means you’re quite guarded when it comes
to love. But when you do let someone in, you will be
very loyal to that person. They also expect the same commitment in return
and will not tolerate any games or being led on. Having the love of a Capricorn is a very special
and rare thing not to be taken for granted. GEMINI: There are always two sides to a Gemini,
but they come by it honestly their sign is the twins after all. These sides tends to reveal themselves as
being very positive, easygoing and fun, but they can also be quite reserved and dark at
times. Because the Gemini comes with two sides that
you’ll have to accept, they are also the most accepting sign in the zodiac. The Gemini will never judge and will always
take the position of understanding and empathy. Because the Gemini is gifted with the skill
of adaptation and value loyalty above most things, if you violate that trust or break
their hearts they will cut you out of their life without a second thought. LEO: Leo’s are some of the most confident
in the zodiac and they need a partner who can keep up with them. Strong willed and a strong personality Leo’s
can sometimes clash with other signs, and will not tolerate any negativity that comes
their way. They are natural born leaders who are not
scared of a little hard work, but at the same time they tend to be hopeless romantics who
want someone who will give it their all when it comes to a relationship, sometimes with
an unrealistic expectation. Unfortunately Leo, you have a tendency to
pick the wrong partner and often ignore the advice of your friends. , it’s just that you have a bad habit of
choosing partners that aren’t right for you. AQUARIUS: You’re somewhere in the middle
on this list Aquarius, you’re not the worst partner but you’re not the best either. Really, you just sort of value your independence
and that isn’t a bad thing. You need a relationship that’s going to
give you lots of freedom to be who you want to be, but will also challenge you intellectually. You can also be kind of eccentric at times
which might turn some folks off. Because you’re such an intelligent sign
Aquarius you have a bad habit of overthinking things and this can lead to a whole mess of
insecurities. You need someone who’s going to be your
biggest cheerleader and can help talk you back down when you lose confidence. CANCER: Cancer you are so lovely. You have a heart of gold and usually wear
that golden heart on your sleeve for everyone to see. You can be emotional at times and that’s
not a bad thing, but because you’re so in touch with you feelings you can’t help but
show them. This can be a great thing when it comes to
love, you will give it your all and your partner will truly feel the love you have for them. Unfortunately, you will often make your partner’s
needs a priority over your own which can lead to resentment and jealousy. Because you’ve been hurt so many times you
don’t always like to open up Cancer and that can make new relationships difficult
for you. TAURUS: Taurus, you don’t need anyone but
you. You are a true independent woman! When it comes to love, you can take it or
leave it. Being in a relationship doesn’t define you,
and sometimes you can be so casual you have the reputation of being a heart-breaker. If they do decide to let you into their heart,
a Taurus will take their time and will not be the one doing the chasing. If you try to pull any games with a Taurus
they will pull the plug and move on. The Taurus has a huge heart so if you’ve
won one over, consider yourself one of the lucky few. ARIES: Oh Aries, when it comes to love you
are all in. You’d probably elope with someone after
only a few weeks your so intense! You tend to rush into relationships and are
sometimes known for pressuring those you love into ramping up the pace as well. You have a strong personaltity and are super
fun to be around, but when it comes to love, you can be a bit pushy. Being with you will be a life filled with
adventure but your partner has to be willing to go with the flow. You need someone who will relinquish control
in order to have a successful relationship, Aries. VIRGO: You’re another sign that can sometimes
be a perfectionist Virgo. Everything has to be just so, and this can
drive you partner bananas. You have very high expectations Virgo, and
that’s not necessarily a bad thing, however sometimes they can be unrealistic or unfair. You need someone who is just like you Virgo
in order to make your relationship work. You expect your partner to be hard working
like yourself, and if they can’t keep up with you, you’ll definitely let them know
and probably drive them away in the end. SCORPIO: And that leaves you Scorpio. You’re not mean, or unkind, it’s just that
you’re sort of looking out for number one, yourself. You’re very intimidating because you’re
strong, intelligent and very creative. These are all very attractive qualities, except
that you end up wanting to control everything around you. You also just won’t settle for any less
than what you’re worth, and that’s a great quality to have Scorpio, so don’t be too
hard on yourself. It’s more of a blessing and a curse when
it comes to looking for love. . However once they find someone who can,
the Scorpio will be yours forever. That’s all the stars have for us today,
dear Bestie viewer. Do you agree with the stars today, or did
they misjudge you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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