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Why Do People Believe in Horoscopes?

Why Do People Believe in Horoscopes?

Heya playas, you see it in every newspaper
and in almost every magazine. Twelve little boxes that tell you how your whole day and
sometimes your whole life is gonna play out. I’m talking about horoscopes and why do people
believe in them. Well today me and my friend Catherine are going to answer that question.
Now if you’re not familiar with horoscopes at all, you might be asking where do I look
them up? Hi guys, I’m Catherine and I’m an avid horoscope reader. When people ask me
where do you look up your horoscope I usually have two favorite sites which is
and Jennifer Angel is the astrologist there. My personal favorite The Astrotwins site and
they’re both great sites to find out your horoscope. Here’s an ass kicker, the horoscopes
you see today are actually based on the sun and have very little do with the astrological
sphere. In the 1930’s, astrologer R.H. Naylor predicted that an airship would collapse and
sure enough it did. Well when you predict something like that you can best believe that
people are going to want you to predict more things. So in an effort to please the newspapers
and everyone else coming down on him he created a simplified astrological system based on
the sun. So if it was made up by one guy, how accurate can you say a persons horoscope
is to their personality? I would definitely say it is 10 out of 10, very very accurate.
I am a Capricorn Tsetse. I have all the characteristics that of a Capricorn so I definitely think
it truly does reflect my personality. The common gripe that lots of people have with
horoscopes is that they’re so generic. You’ll be happy today if you open yourself up to
new people. Today is the day that you make a stand and tell that person who is boss.
I like to poke fun and all but from what I’ve seen all astrological signs for Scorpios fit
me pretty damn well. Underneath our powerful intensity we maintain a soothing sense of
self control and passionate energy. I like the sound of that. And that’s just me assessing
myself. So the question to ask is, is it fair to make judgment calls of other people based
on their horoscopes? I definitely think so, I’ve met plenty of people that I was supposed
to be compatible with that I just clicked right off the bat and I met a lot of my horoscope
enemies arch-rivals and we didn’t get along, we clashed. So I definitely think it’s maybe
it’s fair enough to say that it’s right to judge people right off the bat according to
their sign. Now I’m not trying to be sexist here but I have met a lot of girls that describe
people like this. He’s an Aries, that’s why he’s so aggressive. She’s a cancer, everything
makes her cry. I definitely feel that girls are more strongly connected to the world of
astrology and just horoscopes in general particularly because it is more intuitive and it’s more
of a psychic kind of field and men don’t really have that attachment, they’re more on the
logistical side. Real in depth astronomers will tell you that in order to determine a
persons behavior you need to know their exact date, time and place of birth. And trying
to compare that and say that people born within a certain time span are exactly the same is
nearly impossible to pinpoint. With all the Nebulas, Milky Way’s, Reeses Pieces and galaxies
out there, I’m not convinced that we know everything. I definitely think that there’s
more to astrology than meets the eye. The whole uproar with the whole Orpheus, the 13th
zodiac sign occurred so now everything is shifted, planetary movements are shifted.
So I definitely feel that there’s more to delve into in that sense. Maybe we are all
connected to the stars. Maybe horoscopes are our way of just scratching the surface. Either
way, I’m no expert so I leave you with a quote from someone that is. Like Fox Mulder used
to say “The truth is out there”. Big thanks to Catherine for helping me out with this
video. If you guys like what she had to say, click the Like button now. Otherwise, make
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this and yea, bye.

30 Replies to “Why Do People Believe in Horoscopes?”

  • Jake Daurham says:

    Awsome video, you close minded people needa shut up..
    And that Xfiles quote was amazing

  • Laly Zepeda says:

    i have the book called "Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac" by the Diagram Group and its surprisingly accurate about people's traits and behavior. i totally recommend it to any one even for a good read.

  • Brennan O'Neill says:

    woman are more internal creatures thus horoscopes & energy in general especially earth energy there more intuitive

  • MC azimi says:

    yes women are silly agreed.. trying not to be sexist but it's kinda true.. but have you ever read natal charts?

  • MC azimi says:

    because the personality and compatibility are legit … it's not just the Sun sign though… Read a Natal chart for free online @ Cafeastrology… @Chaos astrology

  • MC azimi says:

    women in general are more frivolous… and susceptible to evil and being lead

  • MC azimi says:

    enjoyed the video :D… Also It won't mean everyone is the same.. probably [according to astrology] if they have exact/similar placements in an accurate natal chart and similar age they will be highly likely to be similar….. Also another theory is that humans are 99% similar anyways…. so…… But I don't really believe that… but humans are similar enough … everyone has a brain.. a heart and can die etc.. and certain things about the human personality are absolutely universal some not

  • serumclx says:

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  • serumclx says:


  • james bro says:

    You may get some strange, unexpected phone calls from friends, loved ones or siblings today… i read this at 6am and i was getting phone calls like crazy!!!! and i dont call people alot…

  • jicenta flett says:

    big chompers ya got there!…

  • chickenwing809 says:

    im a virgo and im going out with a capricorn and we have alot of compatibility like both of us being shy and wanting to achive high things ect, i looked it up and virgos and capricorns are a perfect match what do you think?

  • chickenwing809 says:

    cool. thanks for the response already a subscriber

  • Sn1pElR says:

    personally, i dont believe in the horoscope-how your day is going to go side but considering everyone i know matches their personality with that of their zodiac sign i believe that is the accurate part however, there are too many variables to predict the way a day, week, month or year will go for one zodiac i

  • Jenna Carter says:

    I'm a Pisces~ <3

  • grimsr05 says:

    You seem like a scorpio, from my experience, in that you are soft spoken. I'm a taurus, which is the opposite sign, and we are very straight-forward in our dealings with people. Almost unforgiving.

  • Virgo Gemini says:

    Ophiuchus* (aka Serpentarius)
    And it's not the 13th sign, as it is non-existent to Astrology. What most people do not know is that Astrology does not use the constellations according to popular belief, but rather the equinoxes and solstices of the signs on the ecliptic.

    So no, there is no 13th sign in Tropical Astrology.

  • Rick James Mofo says:

    my said for this friday that in the next month all of you will be tempted with behind the scenes love affairs

  • sophieR565 says:

    I don't know what it is about horoscopes, but for some reason I'd like to believe they were real, as in how each sign signifies how a certain person is. I'm an Aquarian, and most of the ideas behind that sign fit me well, and I've read that no two Aquarian's are the same and that we usually happen to be the most mysterious and unusual people who like to be independent and follow the path we think is right… and never follow or copy society around them just because everyone is doing the same thing. (In my case, I don't follow fashion trends, popular teen pop music as such or fall into the trap of looking like an anorexic model just because that's what the majority of people believe you should look like). 
    To add, I've checked out other star signs for the people I've met and their personalities and traits have been near enough identical, especially with the Leo, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus signs.

  • TheCartoonZone says:

    I Read my Horoscopes daily, and They can be right and wrong.



  • M Lynise says:

    Ur the dude from Seinfeld

  • Dan Lewis says:

    Agreed, astrology is garbage. It is believed by poorly educated people looking for an edge. I don't like people who believe in stuff that has zero proof of validity.
    Religious/superstitious people are lazy cowards all.

  • Dana says:

    My sign is so far off from my personality. I hate to tell you this but if it isn't always accurate, then its not accurate at all. Its a few lucky guesses tied together with a bunch of vague bullshit that could describe most people. The Barnum effect, also called the Forer effect, is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. This effect can provide a partial explanation for the widespread acceptance of some beliefs and practices, such as astrology, fortune telling, graphology, aura reading and some types of personality tests.

  • PRANJAL says:

    people still belief in this shit?

  • Ash The Duke says:

    I believe in it it pisses me off but still makes me fokin intrigued

  • Comicbookstoreguy177 says:

    It's always astounding to me how seemingly intelligent people can believe this bullshit among bullshit. If I asked myself how much time, money, and energy is devoted to astrology I would become suicidal. Wtf people?

  • Jamera says:

    Im a gemini

  • Gio House says:

    The question isn’t sound; although I get the intention, the answer is fundamentally the same as any answer you’d get, if you asked anyone the same said question but with a replaced subject, like determinism, or Batman.
    I’m a big believer in Jungian psychology. It truly hanged my life and allowed me, an empathic Scorpio and INTP, the tools to make sense of pain and embrace the torturous and traumatic life experiences I had that I won’t discuss here. Most people in my shoes become broken or take pills for the rest of their life, never understanding anything or questioning anything.
    Anyway, Carl Jung discovered it (astrology) to be instrumental in some of his treatment and therapy sessions. He said ‘like anything else, astrology lays clam on to the fact that anything with a time and place owe some of its features, etc. to it’s time and place like anything else affected by the seasons.
    If you don’t do thorough and honest research, you can’t answer your question and the question might not allow an answer that gives anyone new insight

  • Infinite Exp says:

    The chick is straight up STUPID.

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