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Worst Laugh | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

Worst Laugh | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

This is actually happening. Yeah, yeah, thank you so much for coming out with me. I’m sorry, what was your name again? Hannah. Oh, well, I think it should be Banana, because I find you very appealing. Banana – peel. Hannah, banana. I know that was a dumb joke, why did I… Yes, you get it, right? SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! You’re funny! Good evening. Hey, how are you? Anything I get you started with right off the bat here? You go first. I’ll get started with a Caesar salad. Gonna have to check in the back and make sure Caesar’s working. SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! And for you, ma’am? SHKVAY! SHKVAY! She’ll have the same thing. Sorry. Wow! You guys are hilarious. So what do you do for a living? I just got hired as operations manager. That’s amazing. Congratulations. It’s not really that fun, um. My boss is so strict. He fired some guy for having his shoe untied. Are you serious? And he has this joke. A joke? Tell the joke. Oh, no, I forgot. I forgot the joke. Oh, God he’s here, he’s here. Who is? My boss, my boss, don’t look. He’s coming, he’s coming. Hey there! Hey, how’s it going, sir? Hi, I’m Hannah. No, thanks. I’m good. Listen, a little work reminder about tomorrow. If you’re late, I’m gonna fire you. Yes, sir. If you or your friend here annoy me in any way, shape or form, you’re fired! Okay. You guys have a great dinner, then. Okay? Wait, wait, didn’t you have a joke? Didn’t he have a joke? What? No. Actually, yes, I do. No no no no. The lady wants to hear it. I love jokes. What is the best time to go to the dentist? I don’t know. We don’t go to the dentist, we don’t want to know, we don’t care. Tooth Hurty / 2:30 Get it? That wasn’t funny. Whew! You’re fired. Wait, what? What a jerk. Are you okay? And the act for tonight, Jay Valentino! Oh, no. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. How you doing? My name is ??? ??? had a good night tonight?… So I went to the bar the other day, right? And I noticed there was meat hanging off the ceiling. SHKVAY! SHKVAY! I went up to the bartender, and I was like, hey, I guess the steaks are high. SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! So I went to my grandma’s the other day and… SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! I went to…SHKVAY! I…SHKVAY! I went…SHKVAY! I…SHK… SHKVAY! SHKVAY! SHKVAY! Wow, that was great! Waiter. Get over here. Go get the check right now. Get the check. Go go go. What, wait, what’s going on? We, we haven’t even gotten our food. Uh, I have work tomorrow, early. You just got fired. Look, I don’t have an excuse, but, I really have to go. Okay? I get it. Get what? Every guy always leaves me the first time I hang out with them. It’s not like that. I don’t know if it’s the way I look. No, this… I don’t know if it’s my laugh. There’s nothing wrong with your laugh. It’s fine. I’m fine. Just go. You have a hideous laugh. Nobody asked you, jerk! All right? Maybe I think her laugh is beautiful. Thank you for that. You didn’t have to. Yeah, you know what? Screw that. Imma stay here. Are you serious? I think you’re beautiful, and you, know I can get used to it It’s just a laugh, right? That’s the sweetest thing anybody’s ever said to me. SHK- SHK- SHK- SHKBLOORRRRR….

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