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Ye Hafta Kaisa RaheGa 2019| Weekly Horoscope | Aquarius Weekly Horoscope in Urdu Astrology Forecast

Ye Hafta Kaisa RaheGa 2019| Weekly Horoscope | Aquarius Weekly Horoscope in Urdu Astrology Forecast

By Bismillah Rehman Al Rahim Al Salam Alaikum Viewer Haider Jafri from November 17, 2019 Viewers present at your service with Weekly Production November 23, 2019 Now we will talk about the time it is time for a variant of the eleven star of the system brood He has gotten better at a variance coin. Those business matters are good Even though what we talked about last month in the production of the month, they think There is no hindrance to their work and it is not when these people return to the broker Looking at the cuts, they think things are a better place But there are things like that that are not such a thing, but things are a little underrated Shirley things are moving forward The biggest thing that is inside them is somebody Allah has put in them some power which has given them an ability The young are striking from within, creating a sense of power inside The young man is being persuaded to do something inside. This time is great Utilize what it is, don’t waste it we have you for weeks Talking that the new business venturer’s timeline of development has begun from November 2 It will last until November 25th. This week is the last of your two days ahead After that, these things will start to slow down and As the eclipse draws nearer and these things become a missed match We uploaded some videos several days ago to make it eclipse This December’s eclipse will have other implications for the dam’s impact There will be a lot more than the eclipses that you will also be under pressure to be a little confused Which can also disturb your things so we have one Uploaded a video in which we mentioned its effects, its effects That is, what will be its effects will be in November and what will be in December What will happen in January, as well as the most important video we upload What is in this video is that the rescue measures and precautions this video If you watch it before you watch this video you have a pretty good idea The reason we are following you is because now you If there is energy inside you have the energy to do something then this week I don’t spend that much on your stuff if you fancy your gold coins Do not waste your energy Motivate yourself to Allah If you do, you can do nothing about the effects of this eclipse You will not be affected by the viewer as the effects of rain fall There is greenery in some places, and in some places rain is the same The eclipse is similar to how you fuse it on your own You have to take measures to prevent it. Allah has given you time We made the video according to the knowledge of the owner and uploaded it It is your job to benefit from it and Allaah will help you so you can take advantage of it. In the business case, I think Ideas has come a lot inside them Things are getting better with Gravity People, which is a great time for advertising Great time for people who have their own meters, people who are in print media Electronic Media is a Great Time for People Who Are Public Speakers Here is a great time for them to make decisions for people who are human People who are resource management or people who are public administrators They are the people who are sure and I am the people in the department The department is a great time for all of them, a lot for the hiring professionals Good time is there are lots of new job opportunities and conditions have improved a lot more than livestock. People who belong to any field of medicine from Beauty to Medicine are concerned with transparency Herbal meds in any field, from surgery to surgery, are good times for people Is a great time for people in the performing arts, plus it’s a great time for people in the planning department. Plus 80 to 90% of the pros are great time for them all. Focus Things Yourself
Are doing Pay attention to your work We have been telling you for the past several weeks and this is the last week Lucky number if we talk about Lucky number 8 for speech then eight is the number of saturns. This star is attributed to Saturn. This decision comes with pressure but if you have the above post views With the original style, it takes you a lot to get your ideas fresh in your mind. Creatives greatly increase your personality but if it is negative then first of all Impact It Comes To Your Relationships In Your Life Of Your Family On Your Romantic Live Life Comes Above Most Impactus Is Number 8 It Causes Anxiety Humans do not feel comfortable with their relationships Humans have complexities within their relationships. Breaking alcohol increases divorce rates very much because of multi-bill relationships Your Gender Barber Becomes Disturbed Your Sector Life Has Much Impact I have the problem of Iago. In this case you are under pressure Someone in Ego’s affair takes a wrong step that gets him caught in the law of any sex Be a victim of guilt. Yet, there is a great time for weddings. Beautiful Time is a Great Time for Eternal Merges for Love Merge Made This Week The relationships that will be most successful will be Hao Harein Marriage, here they are very much It is very important to give charity in the comfort of the Gallicans who are present I asked you to do a charity in Manthalay Productions and in Green’s videos we also did this in November. To give you a charity, the members of the Jan Jan also gave charity. On the basis of the week you are giving all of these clothes, not the clothes, for the rest of your life Winning is a little bit stressful, especially for those of you who are related to your family. Problems lie with your love, the problems you come up with that fluctuate in your family The issues that are in dispute in the quote mean that the issues which are in the court must be given to charity As soon as you give this charity you will get an idea. What a great relief for you. Found by charity no prices or low prices Charity is given only sincerely Charity What a Day to Do or Not to Give It is a lot of work we have made of your videos of charity At this time we will not talk about how to do it. This week is so good with reference to all the health-related illnesses you may have. You will get a lot of relief from anyone who has any kind of illness Do not give sickness to anyone but release it from any disease of any kind Especially those who are over the age of forty and those who are different Sufferers suffer a lot of relief from their illnesses – people who have no physical Diseases are specifically related to stomachache here who have any respiratory related problem So these things are getting better and there are as many problems with blood-laden blood urea. Diabetes can occur. Any illness that is associated with it can calm them. May be any disease that is related to blood is bladed with avery eye Anyone Improve This Disease and Things Gerieproductive Cat People who have acne are just a doctor Refer to Health and those who have no such disease refer to Health If we talk about Lucky Day then Lucky Day is a week for them. Sacred is very good for them with many references to Holy Duke on a sunny week. Get more involved in your life as we told you before The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is the month of outward appearance, so you are present in this whole month. Send more blessings upon peace upon anyone. Any blessing is more than what you read. The more useful the trip, the more time we have for traveling if we talk to you Great is the greatest collection that is going to be made for you in the journey of religion or spirituality But if you want to go to Umrah for reference, you are going to do Umrah You will also feel a warmth of blessing from Allah Things will get better and better. Your reasons will also be available for business. If you want to travel then invest in travel for new business Want to travel to plan is a great time, except if conditions have improved a lot You want to travel for a job, you want to travel to education, travel to immigration Want to have a great time Layer Trips this week if you are planning your legal You will get great support with Relationships. If we talk about color, this week The lucky colors I have the chance to be with you this week are Yellow’s Reno Golden. The orange head is all the same tone as the duck brown as much as the tone head alkalo. Towns are the tones of Orangeland all the ringtones if we add them to our outfit. It would be a lot better for the student if we talk as I said that the timing is great. There can be a lot of pressure, especially for those students whose engineering is engineering. Is specialized and relocated to aviation engineering electrical engineering and chemical engineering. Students may be a little out of their studies except there is no major problem. Everything else is good enough for them, except for those who are studying law for speed Great feedback for those who are working, ie for hotel management So it’s a very good time for Benin France and an order account. If we talk, the best thing for a voice is to focus on yourself. Try to draw closer to God because of the energy that Allah has created within you Thank Allah for reading Thanksgiving and Finding Time for Yourself Mute what you have to do to get through something and you will definitely make your career and It is the career of the people that they will make a lot of progress in, but it must include their God Please thank God and motivate yourself to move ahead with the housewife. Speaking of which, the same tube that I just mentioned for Housewife is a great achievement for them. But that proved to be one thing as well because I mentioned that quite a lot The fluctuations that are happening are all that the emotion is creating so it can be tolerated. It is very important to be patient if your husbands and your children are a variant There may be some pressure for you and there is no such thing as Almighty Allah Anyway very kindly and will continue to inshallah you such a big problem such a big Not an issue, but the biggest one is if you associate yourself with Almighty Allah If you mute yourself, you will be very relaxed in the viewer Service Petition Offers This will be the same for people ninety percent and for 10 to 20 people it is not The fifth may or may not have an effect at all, so we will also invite you You have to create your own personal maternity and if you want to create your own maternity wardrobe, visit our WhatsApp Please contact us by calling us. We will definitely appreciate you for the people on this channel New Visitors We request that this channel subscribe to the Bell icon Be sure to click on it and the new videos you send out keep coming up to you and the people Already on this channel we request that our video be maximized Share as much as you can so that everyone else is benefiting from this Share Subscribe and subscribe to this video in WhatsApp’s Facebook groups Share as much as you can so that everyone else is benefiting from this Arrival and our prayers are with you, the audience is with you. May Allah be your supporter and your life.

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