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You Might Be A Sagittarius If

You Might Be A Sagittarius If

– His hair is weird, but
I really like this boy. You know what, I think
I’m afraid of commitment, ’cause why can’t I just
settle down with him? – What’s your sign. – Sagittarius. – You’re such a Sagittarius. – Oh come on, man. – I knew it, I smelled it. – I don’t believe in that astrology stuff. – 100%. – Okay, but tell me more. (upbeat music) – [Girl In Jean Jacket]
You know you’re optimistic. You gotta a lot of energy. You’re generally pretty easy going and kind of philosophical. – I don’t know about that. That’s whatever. – What time is it? – What time isn’t it, you know? – Okay, well. – You know, though sometimes it’s thought that Sagittarians can be too optimistic. – What is too optimistic? You know, maybe Trump won’t be that bad. – Que. – Okay, but maybe–
– No. – [Girl In Jean Jacket] You’re
creative to say the least. You’re very thoughtful. Generally pretty open minded. – I love (mumbles), it’s so good. Such a good show.
– I love it. Honestly, I’d date a robot in a heartbeat and I’m so glad finally
someone touched on it. For real. – You’re fairly blunt and honest. Sometimes too honest. – So y’all like the new hat? – Yeah. – It’s nice. – Yeah. – You look like a stripper. – You love to travel. – No I do not. – Quenty, you went to
Hawaii four times last year. Where you get that money from? – Expedia members. – [Girl In Jean Jacket]
You know, you’re friendly and generous, sometimes too generous. – So my dad is in the hospital because my uncle is in the hospital. – Okay. – And he has some– Can I borrow $200. – Yeah, oh my god, Henry of course, yes. – Cool. – Do you need anything else? Do you need 300? – 350. – You know and you get bored kinda easily. – Oh, come on. – You’re bored right now aren’t ya? – I am bored. This is really boring. I’m not gonna lie. – [Girl In Jean Jacket] You’re
always trying to move on to the next thing. Looking for freedom. – You know what, Sarah, I don’t like this and your little setup of trying to tell me how I exist and how I function out here. So you know what, I’m gonna go and I’m gonna eat lunch
’cause’ I’m ready to eat lunch ’cause it’s lunchtime and I’ll talk to you later, all right? – [Sarah] Okay, all right.
– I’ll see you. – Okay, such a Sagittarius. – I can hear you. (upbeat music)

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