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Your Food Horoscope: Gemini | Food Network

Your Food Horoscope: Gemini | Food Network

– Hello. I am Angel Eyedealism, and I’m
here to tell you what the best foods are for your zodiac sign. Gemini– variety is the
spice of life for the twins. If they have to eat the
same thing every day at the same time,
they will go nuts. Gemini never stop
talking and unfortunately eat with their mouth full. They need to learn
to eat more slowly and to have a bit
of a median line where they eat at the
same time every day. But they simply
must have variety. They have a very
fast metabolism. So even if they do end
up eating junk food, they still stay on the slim
side, which is wonderful. They’re an air sign, so they’re
up in their head thinking. They forget to
eat, and then they stay up late at night eating
half of the refrigerator. But with their fast metabolism,
it’s not too big of a deal. [music playing]

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