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Zodiac Signs | Epoxy Pendant

Zodiac Signs | Epoxy Pendant

Before telling about the process I want to make one note. Some ideas are not new, there can be many videos and pictures of similar diy jewellery as I have. I as a novice master want to try to make different works and to use different materials. Or I see inspiring pictures, on Pinterest (screen record) for example, and a thought “Iknowhowtomakeit!” comes to my mind. So I hope there won’t be any problems about it.
Stick the contour pendants to the tape, make sure all edges are stuck. Apply some epoxy resin near the edge and leave it till dry. It is necessary to prevent resin from leaking, but you can skip this step if you use tape. If you use file then you’ll need to do this. Note that the surface [of file (Some files are not glossy)] should be even. After drying fill the pendants half with black (or white if you want to get the light shades) resin. I also added eyeshadows for sparkles. Leave pendants for several hours (It depends on the hardening speed of your resin. See instructions), I left overnight. In the morning their surface was still sticky and then I applied nail powder: blue and purple shades for silver, red, yellow and green for golden contours. I prepared drawing of constellations and start to glue rhinestones for big stars, big glitter for medium stars and small glitter for small stars. (With a gel pen I mark places where I’ll glue “stars”.) Then I draw lines from one star to another with a gel pen. After pour the resin completely. When the resin dried I noticed that extra nail powder rose to the top. Use a brush to remove excess powder before pouring. From the back side I applied a thin layer of black resin.

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