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What’s good YouTube it’s Sara and Maya and we are here
today to do a video talking about zodiac signs that we would never never date!
Like you’re just not cutting it! I just don’t want you! Maybe I’ve had you
and I realize I can’t have you I don’t want you. I don’t work! It
just does it so if you are any of these particular zodiac signs don’t get
offended we’re just two people yeah there’s a lot of fish in the sea a lot
of fish in the sea (sound from clip) so you know just do your thang, OK?
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down below! So yes first time we have I think we bought that two signs right yeah both
you look like two signs that we don’t want to really.. we don’t fuck with.. I wouldn’t want to be with you. Romantically! Romantically. yeah I actually have friends in both of
these so the exercise that I’m about to say is you know that I would never date
yeah you know I like y’all just not a romantic setting right okay so it’s your
just your personal okay so my first one is a cancer oh I use family photos
really like jive together you know if you you have a different you have
different needs do I like them just not for me
mmm edge right here yeah it’s enough to emotional for you not that is to well
okay so I feel like it’s like a given a take like sure maybe it would be okay if
they’re emotional by knowing I’m too blunt sometimes and they would really
take that the wrong way first and then way to say something really nice you
back and then I would just get nastier you know what I mean uh I just
don’t see your show like dying down for sure cancer I feel like – both on you
just have time to like kind of poke at each other
uh-huh you know what I mean like neither one of you would give up yeah yeah
basically what about you okay so my first one I love you so because first of
all I love y’all as friends I feel like they would never admit that they’re
wrong like ever and like that was like Kirk their shit out of me like I feel
like Sasha so just like don’t like saying they’re wrong like it’s almost
like the throne and of being to know it all is like taken away from them if they
admit they’re wrong which I got yet cuz sometimes I hate admitting when I’m
wrong Oh sounds y’all maybe to another level
baby but you know you know romantically romantically yeah let’s say this you’re
also easily just like pick something else
because you know what I mean yeah I was I want to be honest yeah it’s true okay
second reason why I can’t do sad is because I feel like I don’t want to wait
until I’m 82 for them to finally maybe possibly commit to being a thing maybe
we’re like kind of dating right like I maybe have age 82 entirely it happened I
don’t want to wait that long I don’t want I want to know where we stand and I
feel like some most all sessions that’s it really really you know found the one
they don’t necessarily want to commit to anything because they’re always thinking
like oh my god like what are something better comes along and I feel like it’s
like fucked up and like my scorpio like ass is like but I literally give you
like everything yeah I’m like you’re still like waiting for someone else that’s why I make you say ideas you guys
are so fun so adventurous but like yeah don’t I don’t I don’t want to do it like
I just feel like I’m always gonna be on edge and that we always have to like me
on the next basic that adventure and it’s like I don’t I don’t want to do
that sometimes what mumbling thing really one of the points I didn’t say
about why cancers and I don’t wear yeah is because like I need like be chillin
at home and that just doesn’t work for me yeah like they really love like a
sense of family in your house for like water signs too just in general and like
that’s something that I just naturally struggle with yeah I just don’t see how
we could ever like be chill yeah for sure cancer like loves home
yeah like home is like their therapy yeah so yeah I can understand for you
it’s like no no no no yeah it’s got to comfortable we need to like leave go
find somewhere else to be and they’re like but I just got comfortable here
yeah I love this place and you’re like the more comfortable you got the less
comfort and I feel like it applies to like you’re feeling upset ya know what I
mean it might water what is your next sign it’s kind of
contradictory because I’m dating one right now but normally I would never
date a Virgo oh my god you never date a Virgo even though you’re dating over go
normally there way to judge me they’re way too uptight and like they care a lot
about people’s opinions mm-hm and I’m just like I’m to like of a loose cannon
I messed things up all the time and I want to be free and like drawing outside
the lines it’s like part of my game you know what I mean and they’re like you
colored outside yeah and I feel like it’s just too judgey for sure for me I
feel like I have flaws and I can openly admit that about myself
uh-huh whereas virgos are apparently like God
on earth and like I feel like I feel like I don’t want to be under a
microscope for like ever yeah and I feel like in general like
their romantic partner knows you better than anyone else and like if that
romantic partner is a Virgo like they’re gonna know everything about you that you
need to fix and it’s like I don’t want to be fixed right I just kind of want to
live my life and figure out how to best navigate through it look I don’t need
you to be like this is where you fucked up to it like every day yeah and I feel
like I’m a Scorpio so I’m like sensitive and like they’re very judgmental and I
feel like I feel like I could never get it right with virgos mm-hmm so I feel
like I just would not be able to do well with them in a romantic relationship
I have Virgo friends that I in love but yeah also I feel like I’d be bored yeah
you’re like I’d be bored it’s all about the chart you know when I mean get heart
matters and all I was gonna say what your man’s like his moon is Sagittarius
yeah and he’s buried he’ll be okay yeah he’s very light you know what I mean he
has in his moon instead of like you know wearing each other okay another thing
what Burgos is I feel like I’m like – I feel like I have too much debt for
virgos okay before you get all like sad which I don’t think you will cuz you
have no emotions I feel like I would like I’m a Scorpio so I would find this
like beautiful poem and be like oh my god like this reminded me of you and I
put my own like you know what I mean like spin on it you like use all these
analogies and then they respond back and be like what does this even mean right
you know what I mean and I feel like I was just trying to be cute no like it
doesn’t make any sense yeah it was symbolism like you analytical you’re not
gonna you know what I mean and like they struggle to be romantic I feel like it –
or like I like send like lyrics or something I remember how to next like I
would like to send him like a lyric to like some selling that like you know I
know he also like uh-huh the artist and I feel like yeah this remind me what
does everything mean I don’t know I don’t even really remember that but like
I knew you would like going to me yeah it’s not like why
you like me like you’re more like romantic like go with it yeah like a
moment like rock-hard and I’m like hmm yeah and it makes me like crawl back
into my son oh they look pretty hard to do but right how did you just make me
feel uncomfortable right like I’m a big ass romantic I have
Libra and Scorpio in my char so I’m just like wait and let me like doing what I
love to you and I feel like a virgos like understand it right unless they’re
like starting it they’re like mmm right interesting why don’t you do that
yeah all right I wasn’t ready for that it’s like an authority figure that I’m
trying to impress yeah you know what I mean and I don’t want that in a romantic
relationship you know where you go you go and do your
thing with the other side okay mm-hmm and it’s funny you better savor go
because I’m genuine for them yeah so you know like you never really know you
never really know you never know and once again there’s a whole bird charge
yes we’re just talking about some sides and have all these different sides you
know what I mean so you just never really know yeah thank you guys for
coming and watching our video if you are a cancer Sagittarius over Berg though
we’re not sorry like this is how we feel you know everyone knows everybody I
think I’ll be together if you haven’t already please follow us
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next time

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