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Zodiac Signs Who Are Narcissistic, Ranked From Most To Least

Zodiac Signs Who Are Narcissistic, Ranked From Most To Least

Zodiac Signs Who Are Narcissistic, Ranked
From Most To Least Narcissistic is toxic as many people say. However, it becomes toxic especially if we
talk about the psychological disorder. People who suffer from this problem just cannot
perceive reality with different angle. That is why they always think they are the
best. It is fairly difficult to know which person
is narcissist until you are finally captured in their trap. However, you can expect the worse by considering
their zodiac sign. Sometimes, zodiac sign can be a great help
to find out whether the person has high probability to be a narcissist. However, please take this information with
a grain of salt since most people have their own characteristics without even considering
their zodiac. Before we jump to the lists, make sure to
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in the future. 1. Taurus It is on the first list because they think
they deserve something better than most of other people. Lacking of empathy is the main cause of this
problem. 2. Leo They believe that world revolves around them,
and they are just remarkably confident. 3. Scorpio They start to be narcissist after being hurt
or living in a wrong environment. They like to take advantage over other people
without feeling guilty. Again, this lacking of empathy causes narcissism. 4. Aquarius They like to tell that you are wrong. They always try to find your mistake before
attacking. It is a misdirection tactic from common narcissists. 5. Virgo Virgo always thinks they are the most intelligent
person in the room. Of course, it is usually not true, but they
somehow made it look logical and real by providing data. 6. Aries They like to do as they wish. If the result is good for others, then it
is good. If it is not good, Aries really do not care. 7. Sagittarius Sagittarius like to make people regret. They definitely do not think about what other
people feel. 8. Cancer Needy, trickster, and pessimistic are the
characteristics of Cancer. When they are hurt emotionally, they start
to feel self-pity. 9. Gemini They are quite smart to alter stories so that
they look like a hero. When they use ‘I’ in their sentence, expect
to true story with a bit of seasoning here and there. 10. Libra Libras are quite deceptive sometimes, and
they blind others with their charming speech. 11. Capricorn Almost the end of the list, Capricorn actually
has narcissistic traits which are related to their work or career. They boast about their careers, and that is
all about Capricorn. 12. Pisces They only have a shiver change to be narcissists
since they are happier to be a follower instead of leader. All in all, that’s the signs of Narcissistic
according to your zodiac. So, what do you think your Zodiac will have
anything to do with you? Please share your thoughts and experiences
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10 Replies to “Zodiac Signs Who Are Narcissistic, Ranked From Most To Least”

  • Asia says:

    pisces are covert narcissist what you mean number 12

  • Rebekah Allen says:

    It sounds like a 15 year old girl wrote this Lolol

  • Beth Bartlett says:

    and That is Narcissistic

    These click baits damage the true need of awareness on the subject –

    You can't diagnose Narcissist Personality Disorder by a zodiac sign, there are traits that a professional Astrologer can recognize – in the natal chart and def8ning planet's placements/aspects and then sign influences.

    But this is a selfish ego production for Hits and ad compensation.

    and That is Narcissistic

  • Margaret B says:

    Leo zodiac signs show more of the narcissistic traits . I have come across a few in my lifetime and this is true . Leo should definitely be on this list.

  • Penny vlogs says:

    I agree with the first 4.

  • RSStarfire says:

    Lmao I’m a Virgo and I know I’m a dumb bitch

  • bento boxofire says:

    Narcissism has nothing to do with zodiac

  • nishan kandel says:

    Im Pisces and my girl is Leo,
    And as an empath I’m attracted to narcissistic peoples,but its all right because my love for her is beyond all!

  • Ichaan 0908 says:

    my ex is taurus and i'm Leo. we broke up because i suspect him have NPD…but after i analyze more and more, i also thought that i'm narcissist too 😅…

  • Bobby Adams says:

    My mom (Virgo sun, sag moon, and Virgo rising) is a complete 10000% narcissist. I’m a Pisces sun and moon and Scorpio rising and I have zero clue as to why most of family members are awful evil human beings. I feel like I’m the only one in my family that has any signs empathy intact living in an environment of people getting some sick joy at the misfortune of others as made me even more empathetic towards others around me (I don’t have empathy for my family cuz quite honestly anything bad that happens to them they deserve it!)

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